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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder: Why Not Have Two, Three Fights With Luis Ortiz?

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    Originally posted by Fire4231 View Post
    This is why Wilder is now the most popular heavyweight!!!

    If all fighters, promoters and fans understood a loss is not a forced retirement, we would have another golden age in boxing.
    But he isn't the most popular heavyweight. Don't lie.


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      I really hope that this is a tactic to get a better fight or to force more offers.

      Not a bad fight but totally unnecessary unless they are going to play the angle that Wilder was hurt and the ref gave him extra time to recover.

      I rather see him fight the other two top guys and if he can't get them he should fight Whyte, Kowncki, Miller or Parker. Something new is always more interesting


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        Wilder says the heavyweight division is small but never mentions Whyte? Plenty of money in that fight, what's the problem?


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          Like everyone else, I wanted to see Wilder in a Fury rematch or in the ring with Joshua. Failing that, the only guys I would be interested in seeing him fight would be an Ortiz rematch, Adam Kownazki, Dillian Whyte, or Oleksnder Usyk (not a chance, I know). Joe Joyce and Efe Ajagba are too raw, Povetkin is washed up, and Jarrell Miller is on suspension, and that's pretty much the field at this point other than some other up and coming prospects.


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            Originally posted by MEXfistology View Post
            But this time we need a better referee, Luis Ortiz basically knocked you out and the referee gave you extra time to recover
            Except it wasn't the ref that gave him extra time to recover, it was the New York commission that has been extra cautious since the Pritchard Colon incident. Wasn't the referee's fault


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              Originally posted by Fire4231 View Post
              Lol... Hey Man fan, please explain how Wilder is ducking Dillion Whyte when Breazeale was his WBC mandatory for as long?

              Before that he fought Tyson Fury who is the previous lineal champion. A fighter who has beaten much better fighters than Dillion. And before that he fought Luis Ortiz the guy who Dillion Whyte and AJ are clearly ducking.

              So Wilder has been trying to get AJ in the ring for years, yet Dillion was knocked out by AJ. Yeah that makes sense clearly... Wilder is scared?

              You guys just throw this ignorance out there. You don’t even believe this bs. Dillion Whyte hasn’t done anything remarkable so why should he cut line on getting his ring sleep?

              Why the hell is he not fighting Ortiz or even Breazeale to get seen as a top tier heavyweight?

              Here’s the answer, he doesn’t want the risk and he is just trying to capitalize off the hype of the AJ fight for the biggest payday.

              No unearned fights based on Hearns hype man spin and AJ protection plan. Dillion Whyte should earn his place in history.

              You must be a masochist for throwing this to the knowledgeable boxing public.
              Good day, creepy man fan.

              Wilder has turned down multiple offers to fight Whyte who has been the number 1 for over 560 days he also chose to voluntarily fight Ortiz and Fury for far less money combined that he would of earned to fight Whyte.

              Wilder is clearly terrified of Dillian Whyte.


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                Originally posted by JakeTheBoxer View Post
                Ortiz just rejected fight with Joshua, so i don`t know what are you talking about?

                Ortiz also rejected multiple offers off Whyte the guys a massive hype job whose best win by far is Bryant Jennings who Oscar Rivas just knocked out and an awful win over Malik Scott who Derrick Chisora knocked out


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                  if it smells like a stinkfest it is a STINKFEST


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                    What we learned from Deontay Wilder’s 1st-round knockout of Dominic Breazeale

                    Ring TV
                    May 19, 2019:

                    Here’s what we learned from Wilder’s 40th knockout in 42 fights:

                    1. Deontay Wilder is a star.

                    It took a long time to get there (about 40 fights), but Wilder has become must-watch television. He also is the biggest enigma in boxing, as evidenced by his nuclear knockout of Breazeale. Coming off a draw with Fury on Dec. 1, Wilder needed to do something to keep fans’ interest after not landing an expected rematch with The Gypsy King. Breazeale wasn’t the fight people wanted, but Wilder’s prefight antics —punctuated by suggesting legalized homicide — kept them engaged. Wilder’s words and the anger the fighters have felt for each other since 2017 made this bout an explosive showdown and one that went from ho-hum to one that compelled people to tune in and see what might happen.

                    Instead of wasting time, Wilder detonated a vicious bomb on his rival’s chin late in Round 1 and made good on his promise to sink Breazeale’s battleship.
                    The Bronze Bomber left no stone unturned before and after this fight. He capitalized on the “‘Til this day” catchphrase he made famous ahead of his fight with Fury, kept it entertaining during his media rounds and delivered a confident promo after the KO. Wilder has turned into arguably the most intriguing heavyweight since Mike Tyson.

                    Oh, and his knockout led ESPN’s “SportsCenter” late Saturday night. There’s no doubt that when Wilder fights, we’re all watching.



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                      Originally posted by JakeTheBoxer View Post
                      Ortiz just rejected fight with Joshua, so i don`t know what are you talking about?
                      What are you talking about? Another guy who places faith in Eddie Hearn spin. Catch up on the reporting bro. Ortiz management said Eddie sent a Low ball offer of 5 million, then Eddie says he countered with 6 and 7 million in the verbal.

                      Louis Ortiz’s team asked Eddie to send the contract the natural next step in the process. Eddie then goes to the media and says team Ortiz rejected the offer.

                      To this day Luis’s team is still saying they will fight him. Another fake offer to justify weaker opposition to the public. What’s even worst is Dillion Whyte is also ducking him.

                      With all the lies and spin Eddie has been outing out there, why would you tie your credibility to hears.