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  • Originally posted by Scipio2009 View Post
    Because Dillian Whyte is a punk, and he's represented by a punk of a promoter.

    Wilder can fight whomever he wants, and he's looking like he's going to fight Ortiz again or Joshua for his second fight this year.

    Have fun getting by Oscar Rivas, lol
    Lolx.....stop living in denial. Oscar rivas is better than everybody Ortiz has fought till date aside wilder.


    • Originally posted by diplo View Post
      Lol 'casuals'... ok. When did I say I wouldn't want to see AJ vs Wilder, of course I do. Who wouldn't. I'm not condoning whoever might be ducking whoever, it's just my opinion WHY the fight hasn't happened yet. And it isn't the boxers ducking, of course they are warriors, it's their management. Do you think Mayweather or Pacman were ducking each other? Or do you think maybe their teams kept them from fighting... This is boxing, how do you not understand that.
      I get what you are saying but some of those so-called warriors want the easiest road for the most money. They only way we can stop this if we as fans stop purchasing the bs fights while they continue to promise exciting fights in the interim. Most of these fighters only fight once a year. Case in point. Keith Thurman is already talking about not fighting Spence until the end of 2020. This is what's wrong with boxing...but the mistake Thurman made is underestimating Manny. I hope Manny crushes him for his arrogance.


      • AJ speaks about Deontay's KO

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