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  • Originally posted by kushking View Post
    You are yet again not only full of sht,but your doing mental gymnastics full of tinfoil conspiracies to defend dildo shyte the entitled diva who literally merely had to fight 1 single fight hes ordered to fight to get a shot at wilder & he still can,since hes been ordered to fight fury(but fury'd rather face bums now that hes hiding under arums skirt),since fury won't face him he just has to face the next guy they demand & he gets next.

    But Dildo shyte would rather keep fighting guys with no power while waiting for AJ rematch & selling out stadiums to gullible brits paying to watch him beat geriatric D listers like chisora.
    cept you are wrong. do your research. whyte was ranked higher than breazele. breazele was given the title shot. he said ill fight breazele if it gets me next shot. wbc said no. he said ill fight ortiz if it gets me next shot. wbc said no. they said you can fight ortiz to get second shot. why would a guy who is ranked first let someone else ranked below them skip them? why should he have to fight oritz and breazele gets to fight molina? this is all well documented. you are the tin foil hat wearing uninformed person who thinks things like this dont matter or didnt happen. just a coincidence the skipped whyte and gave the shot to breazele? when you see corruption like this you call it out. you dont play along. when you are so uninformed i guess it does look simple. all he had to do was one thing! cept not really and if you actually look at what happened it was a farce to get the fight they wanted.
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    • Originally posted by HarvardBlue View Post
      I honestly think Wilder could knock out an elephant.

      If he hits ANYONE with that punch, it's lights out.

      The thing I give Wilder credit over Joshua is his recovery. He seem to recover from getting hurt a lot quicker than Joshua. It took Joshua about 2 or 3 rounds to recover after Klitschko hurt him.

      Everyday I favor Wilder more to win that fight.
      I donít think it took AJ a couple rounds to recover because he was hurt against Wlad. I think AJ blew his load in the fifth and was pretty much shot for a couple rounds. He was probably in worse shape than Wlad by the end of the fifth. And I believe the KD in the sixth was more fatigue than anything else.

      I would pick AJ to beat Wilder. But AJís stamina issues would have me worried about that pick. Because if he gets tired against Wilder the way he did against Wlad and needs two or three rounds to catch his second wind. Itís gonna make it really tough to avoid getting hit with one of Wilderís bombs. And even tougher to stay on his feet if he does catch a couple big shots.


      • Originally posted by SchoolTheseCats View Post
        Fury already eliminated himself from any hard fights 3 tunes up and then he will look to fight Joshua or wilder per him and arum words.... I wouldnít mind seeing he fight Whyte next but that ends exact same way as Breazeale fight Whyte is to easy to hit, Joshua/wilder is fight that should be next.... now you say let you know when wilder steps up but who exactly is Joshua stepping up and fighting next? Letís face it wilder/fury/Joshua is the cream of crop everyone else is notches below them so if they not fighting each other none of them is ďstepping upĒ
        Whyte is ranked as the no.1 contender by the WBC, not sure why Breazeale was the mandatory or why Ortiz is next.

        It is clear they are ducking Whyte.

        Now the WBC is ordering Whyte to fight Fury instead.

        Can you explain any of this?


        • Originally posted by Dle View Post
          With that scary right hand punch that landed on Breazeale, for sur the Fury & Joshua fightís will be delayed further. Neither wants that smoke from this country hard hitting Wilder.
          I dunno about that, he took on Wladimir who is also one of the hardest hitters, plus he got up after going down, so maybe AJ will think he can take Wilder. Fury on the other hand would be smart to avoid. He boxed great against Wilder, and Wilder was clearly not following gameplan. If Wilder sticks to the plan next time, Fury will be down much earlier.


          • Originally posted by Laligalaliga View Post
            Lolx.... Must whyte be mando before he gets a crack... How funny you come up with that silly defence.
            Wilder should fight another live body.... Somebody like whyte that can rough him and throw him off balance.

            This mandatory excuses is getting boring.
            Whyte is slow and is there to be hit exactly like Breazeale and no he doesnít need to be mando to get fight wilder already said he would take on Whyte as a voluntary as long as aj is guaranteed next and want it in writing Hearn said thatís not how it works


            • Wilder KO's Whyte. Are you serious?


              • Wilder injured? Is that right? Details?


                • Originally posted by Calibaloc View Post
                  What part of BREAZEALE WAS HIS MANDATORY are you not understanding? Dam you really don't know $h!+ about boxing. Why dont you go somewhere else? Smh

                  Strange, Whyte is the no.1 contender ranked by the WBC, yet Breazeale got the mandatory shot and now Ortiz is having a rematch.

                  Haymon using all his ducking powers for this one.

                  Any explanation how the no.4 ranked contender by the WBC becomes the mandatory for title?


                  • Originally posted by DeeMoney View Post
                    Yeah, but the had a lot more for them that led to their KO victories. Wilder has one thing going for him. Strictly measuring power (not ability) he has to rank up pretty high.
                    Yes, but if Klits had no technique and opted to open up wide risking with bombs like Wilder does, their foe's heads would be decapitated.


                    • Originally posted by REDEEMER View Post
                      Not going anywhere. Wilder was awesome, just wish he would fight like that more often.
                      Thanks showing up bro yeah he deadly when he works off jab and kept his feet closer together and not wide if he fought with that technique more often would shut up a lot of people about his lack of boxing ability