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  • Comments Thread For: James DeGale Announces Retirement From Boxing

    Today marks ten years since my professional debut fight on 28th February 2009 and today is the day I am announcing my retirement from boxing. It's been an unbelievable journey and I've had an amazing decade if I'm honest, the best years of my life and having started boxing at the age of nine then being selected as part of the England Amateurs squad, I've collected many memories along the way.
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    Probably a good call. Solid career. Lil dicey towards the end, but its usually dicey at the end in this game. Respect to DeGale & good luck in whatever he decides to pursue next.


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      Defo the right call. Thanks for the memories Chunky!!


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        It feels too soon, but then again there's no denying the writing was on the wall in his recent run of fights. I was never a huge fan of his, but at the end of the day there was always something to talk about with him and he ultimately had a good run with some memorable big wins. He's earned his retirement and I hope he enjoys it.


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          He had nothing left but still tried .He said he didn't do enough , for sure he didn't but only because he couldn't. Glad to hear he now see's it and wish him all the best.


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            First Groves and now DeGale
            It feels like it’s come full circle
            I think the time is right , don’t think he can accomplish much more at this stage of his career
            Good luck to him and hopefully he’s tucked away some coin


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              wish him the best after retirement


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                Seems like the right decision at this point

                Became a Degeale fan late in his career and he had good run

                This retirement letter is just like Guerrero's where he gives his thanks then at the end just praises the s.hit out of Haymon. Can't blame them made both millions

                seems that when a fighter signs with Haymon there's a clause in the contract that states when they retire they have to praise the out of Haymon

                Seriously though Haymon seems like one of the few in the sport that actually cares about his fighters and has their best interest in mind. When most seem to just want to pillage , steal and take advantage of whatever they can from a fighter


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                  This is the right call, I hope his mum has managed his finances OK


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                    Probably should have happened after his first god awful showing against Truax.

                    Hope he was smart with his money, because he’s shot. I don’t want to see him making a comeback in 3 years looking even worse.