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    Originally posted by apollocreed View Post
    He wasn't lucky at all. The first fight after Groves he won the European title in Poland or wherever it was.
    He then kept working and winning at small venues, by the time Groves fought Froch at Wembley, Degale was on the undercard and on a good run. He earned his title shot.
    Yeah definitely earned it but I really liked Groves and thought he had a harder career path than Degale. Mainly because he won their fight but took longer to get a title.


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      Originally posted by apollocreed View Post
      No that's wrong. He actually under achieved if anything. At his best he was a very skilled switch hitter and very awkward for anyone.

      That's what people liked to say but I've never seen it.

      He's not very skilled or talented. Also as dumb as an iron post.

      He did extremely well to win a paper title twice.


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        Thanks for the memories DeGale, we won’t remember your worst days but your best days! That fight with Jack was amazing, you and him both left it out on the line.

        Rest easy champ.


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          Yeah, and I'm thinking Badou Jack should probably be thinking the same thing.

          Nothing out there once you hit your mid '30s unless you're a transcendent talent (Floyd, Hopkins) or a big heavyweight.
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