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    Often, the way the greatest athletes are covered and written about can seem to absorb an entire era into the tapestry of their personal story. It's never really the case. The gravitational pull of stars means more readers, more viewers, more clicks, but ultimately it doesn't erase that each of the individuals who shared their time, who played the role of foil or rival, was a story all their own
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    A super dude who I enjoyed

    I had a brief but outstanding moment at Richard Steals gym in Vegas several years back and Richard was also the nicest guy. We would take photos in his office where he had pictures of himself and every notable figure you can almost think of including Nelson Mandela. We would then go outside to do even more photos with Ron.


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      Ron Lyle

      Hi Cliff,

      I just read your story on Ron Lyle---what a nice man.

      I was also training a couple of boxers around the time Ron Lyle was at Nevada Partners gym with Richard Steele.I would get there early in the morning around 9 a.m--Ron Lyle would be there also My boxer at the time--Shaun Plessis made quite an impression with Ron. I went for lunch many times with Ron. He was very generous in sharing his wealth of boxing training ideas with me and Shaun. He was at the time working with a few fighters. I recall one kid( his name--I do not remember) not listening to his instructions and Ron asking me in a FUNNY WAY--should I show him the OLD Ron Lyle---I said in a joking way--I hope you don"t --lol. Ron was a GENTLEMAN and always had time for me.

      God Bless


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        Foreman/ Lyle is a absolute f.ucking war one of the best fights ever