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Comments Thread For: Photos: Conor McGregor Grinds Hard in Camp For Mayweather

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  • Comments Thread For: Photos: Conor McGregor Grinds Hard in Camp For Mayweather

    Conor McGregor Training Camp Photos Gallery - The unprecedented SHOWTIME PPV boxing match in which pound-for-pound king Floyd "Money" Mayweather returns to the ring to battle UFC champion "The Notorious" Conor McGregor is expected to be the most widely distributed pay-per-view event of all time. The once-in-a-lifetime Mayweather vs. McGregor showdown will be available for purchase through cable, DBS, telco and streaming providers nationwide, as well as The fight will also be available through Fathom Events in movie theaters and at select bars and restaurants nationwide.
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    Floyd is gonna be 49-1 to a man who was 0-0 entering the fight and Conor will be the greatest boxer on the planet at 1-0.


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      Connor is so intense it's scary. Just watching the videos Floyd should be shook. Connor is the most dangerous opponent Floyd has ever faced.


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        Lol where to start...

        hands down not covering his chin.

        Chin straight in the air instead of tucked in behind the shoulder of the arm he’s punching with.

        Wide, Telegraphed punches, looks like that uppercut started by his butt

        A counter punchers dream. Floyd ko’s Him in 4. I can’t believe this is real, he’s so technically bad and he didn’t even hire a boxing trainer???


        • #5
          So many openings for Floyd to expose, but I do believe that Mac is is deceivingly quick both hand and foot speed, but in a boxing ring we'll see how that translates.


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            Easy money. All those McNut fans better start making bet. This is Mayweather easiest payday, he is a fooooking genius.


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              McGregor looks in top shape. Foolish to underestimate him. Floyd should win easily but if he looks old in the ring, then Conor needs one big punch or a high volume of punches each round and the unthinkable could happen and he wins comfortably.