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Floyd straight up ducked Cotto in 2008

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  • Originally posted by Wildkg View Post
    Do you even know the case about the IV? You know Floyd didn't break a single law?
    - -Pardoned by Vegas commish and USADA like Li'l Wayne pardoned by Rump.

    Don't absolve them of their Crimes.


    • I'm a big Cotto fan but I don't think Floyd ducked Cotto more so than not wanting to deal with Top Rank. The fact that Pacquiao was the only Top Rank (contracted) fighter Floyd fought since he departed Top Rank himself should say something. Floyd did what I felt back in 2008 he was going to do, let Margarito & Cotto fight and he'll eventually fight one of them. Mosley became the dark horse and that's ultimately who Floyd ended up fighting. Now, in hindsight people will say "Mosley was old, etc" BUT I recall VIVIDLY people saying Mosley was Floyd's toughest fight, he was going to fight a REAL Welter with power, speed, etc.


      • Originally posted by Brother Mouzone View Post
        I don't think he was "shot", but he was never the same after Margarito ( 9-5 record after that fight) and was even less after the beating Pac gave him as well. Floyd is a hell of a fighter one of my Favorites but he knew how to pick guys at the right time Cotto had a 3-4 record after Floyd.
        I can appreciate that view and yes, Cotto's peak was 2006-2008 so no arguments there.

        I would just add that Floyd was older too and that makes a difference, even if he didn't go through wars like the other guys because you don't get better from inactivity in your 30's.