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Andre Ward says, a Sergey Kovalev rematch must make sense first. What does that mean?

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  • Andre Ward says, a Sergey Kovalev rematch must make sense first. What does that mean?

    Andre Ward:
    12/09/2016 - “I think Kathy has to realize she’s not on the A-side now,”. “Her fighter is not the champion. Things are different. She can say she’s exercising our rematch clause and that’s fine. But when we decide to come to the table, we’ll see if it’s right. But in order for me to get back into the ring period, it has to make sense. The situation has to be right. It’s unfortunate that Kovalev is resorting to what he’s resorting to and saying what he said. I expected more from him. I think people have got to realize that it’s a unanimous decision, whether it’s one point or five points. And to say that all three judges got it wrong, I don’t know. I can’t tell you the amount of fans that said, ‘Bro, I had you up by two. I had you put up a point.’ I’m not going to let the boxing media try and twist it. It was a tremendous victory, man. They can write and say what they want. It doesn’t change the course of history. It doesn’t change my legacy. I’m not bothered. I’m not angry.”

    Kathy Duva:
    11/15/2016 - "Of course, when the fight was made it was not a mandatory so we have the rights to a rematch if Sergey is not successful, and Ward could also ask for a rematch also but it's a little complicated, the clause."
    "There's no doubt that we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't protect Sergey's titles. It's one of the reasons I worked so hard to get the WBA, WBO and IBF to make this their mandatory so we don't have a mandatory problem coming out of it, so we can make a rematch. If Sergey were to lose you'd absolutely see a rematch," Duva added. "If Sergey wins it's not quite as certain."

    The issue is, Ward didn't extend or signed up a new contract deal with HBO yet. Which means he and his team may or may not decide to agree to listen Adonis Stevenson calls, and settle a fight with him on another network than HBO, for more (pesos = If it make sense). It's easy for media representatives, to brush off Stevenson from the equasion, just because for most blind followers, he's not the ideal Undisputed young Champion they would wants to see winning; Thanks to the medias work.
    But most fans doesn't catch that right, Andre Ward is Virgil Hunter's son, since "Ward Sr" choosen Hunter, as the main disciplinary figure to take the responsibility of leading Andre's destiny, in this world. The term S.O.G is the name Hunter gives to his child, because he believes Andre's adoption came from God will. Do you think Virgil will agree to put Ward at risk again, against Kovalev; let's be serious. When Ward took that knock down, he was lost in his mind, already thinking it was over, but Hunter (Mr. Faith) gave him the most surrealistic speech a father could give to a son, he made a miracle by resetting Ward's focus til the end of this fight; (Ward fought back boosted, like he had an Energy refill). So as some of you didn't notice, Hunter's recipe for Ward success, is to never agree to make rematches; his quote: (If you win, let's move on) , and that's how Andre Ward ever rolled.
    Knowing this obvious pattern, why Andre Ward would vacate or loose the chance to become the 1st Undisputed LHW Champion of the history by not fighting this One single fight against aging Adonis Stevenson. First, Ward have no TV contract. Second, most followers already believes Kovalev's a better fighter than Stevenson. Third, Stevenson can guarantee Ward, more than 5 millions revenues for both parties. So why Ward wouldn't complete the second Chapter of his legacy, by fighting Stevenson 1 time only, for the Undisputed title and number 1 spot in the world Pound-for-pound ranking.
    Consider that Kathy Duva says that Main Events Promotions had a rematch clause on Andre Ward; in case Ward wins. It does not change that options are a direct violation of the Muhammad Ali Act, as stated in Code 6307b. (Protection from coercive contracts).
    In the US, promoters can't maintain a total monopoly if they want to keep a world title belt. In the US, it is illegal to ask for a rematch clauses or options in purse bids for a mandatory fight. All sanctioning bodies prohibit such clause, even if it's perfectly fine for a promoter to negotiate a rematch for a non-mandatory fight.
    Just because something is agreed to, doesn't necessarily mean it is legal. Ward was already on the A side with 250% of Kovalev's earnings, and as Champion of 3 belts, he now has the entire negotiation leverage over Kovalev clan. Kathy's good with injunctions and lawsuits, but Ward team only has to point out the legality of this agreement, the noninvolvement of HBO, and all the inconsistencies related with the uncertainty around Ward rights to ask for a rematch, in case of a loss.
    So if a Kovalev fight is not part of "A-side" Ward plan; Why not Stevenson, now?
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    First of all, I think after the Ward-Kovalev showdown, only an idiot would believe either of these fools could last 12 rounds with Stupidman. Stupid man, at this point, is clearly the faster, stronger, meaner, slicker fighter with a left hand of stone.

    Stupidman by sixth round KO on ward, and 4th round KO on Kovalev.


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      It means Andre wants no rematch and is beginning g to put road blocks for the rematch and is satisfied with the gift. So kovalev will sue the hell out of wafd for violating the contract and would be forced to retire and vacate or fight him.


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        It means Andre will go down a a *****. Winning the biggest fight of his life by robbery.

        Bad look dre


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          QUACK andre ward has OFFICIALLY taken the mayweather road to a ducking legacy. no returning from the dark side.


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            Originally posted by Mr. Objectivity View Post
            QUACK andre ward has taken the mayweather road to a ducking legacy. no returning from the dark side.
            At least Mayweather would rematch opponents that people felt were very close i.e Maidana and Castillo. He could have taken those wins and ran with them but he got back in.


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              Ward wants more money,even though he made the lions share to begin with. I think that he is overlooking a couple of factors,the fight had a controversial ending and was a flop for a ppv that had as many expenditures as it did. I'd honestly be surprised if the fight has the same purse with both the network and promotional outfits knowing the the financial realities going in to the rematch. Ward holds the leverage,however with his contact being up with HBO he could easily just say that he couldn't come to an agreement on the HBO side of the negotiations which would effectively block the fight, if he doesn't deem the Kovalev contract to his likeness. The only saving grace for the Kovalev side is that it is extremely unlikely that Ward sees the same type of money fighting Stevenson, but the Stevenson fight appearing easier and coming with the"real" light heavyweight title may out weight a bit of the money, if it's close enough. I am honestly not too interested in seeing the rematch,controversy aside, the first fight wasn't very entertaining. This is also pretty predictable Ward behaviour, if he was willing to sit out three of his prime years over disputes with a promotional outfit that for all intents and purposes appeared to be doing a fine job with his career, then this negotiation looks to be particularly brutal.


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                Originally posted by deathofaclown View Post
                At least Mayweather would rematch opponents that people felt were very close i.e Maidana and Castillo. He could have taken those wins and ran with them but he got back in.
                For every rematch hes given he has ducked 4 prime fighters. No props from me.

                Man Andre Ward will never be a HOF or ATG fighter if he doesnt fight kovalev. Imagine if barrera didnt give morales a rematch, PAC -JMM, RJJ-Tarver, Pryor -arguello.

                Ward is a B1tch. Ward is a FLOYD


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                  Ward doesnt want a rematch, simple as. Unless he gets paid even more than the ridiculous sum he was paid last time. He knows thats unlikely so no rematch. No Stevenson.

                  expect Ward v Clevery, probably sold as a unification


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                    Is any of this supposed to be shocking? Ward has always been an entitled cu*t. Guarantee if the shoe was on the other foot, Ward would be calling for the rematch to happen.