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  • joe strong
    james douglas was a decent boxer & he was big. he was way more of a threat to Tyson then leapai will ever be to klitschko. when I watch that boytsov fight you could see how flawed he was. he threw the buster douglas uppercut from left field. holyfield countered & it was over. same thing should happen here. leapai has fought1 man that can jab (kingpin) & got his ass kicked. wlad's jab is a weapon & is like a power punch. that 's what most opponents seem to forget. they all say they need to get inside but when that big jab is stopping you in your tracks it's easier said then done. boytsov just got exposed for the overrated fighter he always has been. leapai gets to reap the benefits of a protected fighter. kingpin must be shaking his head. leapai has no chance what so ever.

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  • Comments Thread For: Team Leapai Pumped By Underdog Role With Klitschko

    Alex Leapai's triple heavyweight boxing world title fight against Wladimir Klitschko is close to being finalised, but his trainer and manager has scoffed at the rank outsider odds being offered on his fighter.

    The Leapai camp expects to get the contract in the next day or two.

    Provided the challenger's camp is happy with the terms, the fight for the WBO, WBA and IBF titles is tipped to go ahead in Germany on April 26.
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