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Top 10 fighters to watch? Regardless of achievements

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  • Top 10 fighters to watch? Regardless of achievements

    There are a lot of threads asking top 10 ATG lists and top 10 p4p lists but I want to no who your top 10 fighters are who never achieved true greatness. They could be journeymen, contenders or title holders, who are your favourite fighters to watch regardless of achievement?

    1 - Nigel Benn : an offensive animal who always came to fight

    2 - Andrew Golota : In the right mindset a tough night for most, if not a great highlight reel victim

    3 - tommy Morrison : in good up and down fights, one punch knockout power

    4 - chris eubank : a lot of flair and excitement, but also extremely tough and durable

    5 - Frank Bruno : tons of power, always came to fight

    6 - riddick bowe : potentially ATG heavyweight, lacked discipline

    7 - ray mercer : relentless, great power, better chin

    8 - Kelly pavlik : not the most skilled but big power and solid chin carried him far

    9 - Antonio margarito : iron chin, walked people down like the terminator

    10 - Arturo Gatti : human highlight reel

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    Manny Pacquiao
    Mike Tyson
    Roberto Duran
    Arturo Gatti
    Edwin Valero
    Antonio Margarito
    Paul Williams
    Erik Morales
    Roy Jones Jr
    Prince Naseem Hamed
    George Foreman


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      Berto hasn't had a boring fight in a looong time.


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        Alexis Arguello
        Carlos Monzon
        Harold Johnson
        Dick Tiger
        Floyd Mayweather
        Mike Tyson
        Joe Louis
        Ezzard Charles
        Roy Jones
        Carlos Ortiz


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          I can't really think of 10 names off-hand but an Amir Khan fight is must-watch boxing in terms of entertainment.


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            Berto and khan are both very good shouts, win or lose you can't help but watch them and there are tons of exciting matches out there to make with them


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              Aaron Pryor
              Iron Mike
              Roy Jones Jr.
              Joe Louis
              Marvelous Marvin Hagler
              Andrew Golota for a highlight reel of stupidity
              David Tua can be pretty entertaining at the right times
              Camacho and Prince Naseem just for antics


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                tyson and then there is everyone else

                1. tyson
                2. manny
                3. gatti
                4. chavez
                5. mayorga
                6. evander
                7. golata
                9. augustus
                10. young foreman


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                  Mayorga is a great one, fernando Vargas is another favourite of mine, shame about his career


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                    im only going to talk about guys in the past few years.

                    Paul Williams
                    Amir Khan
                    Sergio Martinez
                    Manny Pacquiao
                    Mayweather (not for excitement but because oh hype)
                    Mike Tyson
                    Carl Froch (except against andre ward)