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    Originally posted by boxingfeind View Post
    Didn`t Floyd already say if Canelo and Trout is available he`ll make that fight after the Guerrero fight?

    For all you people saying Floyd wont fight them.What are your excuses gonna be when Floyd does fight them?

    I remember the "Floyd wont ever fight Cotto,Ortiz and Mosley" comments.But when he did sign to fight them it was "Cotto was washed up,Mosley was old and Floyd picking on a fighter that`s smaller then him".

    Your wishful thinking is that you hope Floyd don`t fight them so you have an excuse to b!t ch and complain.
    I'm on the side of saying that Floyd won't fight Canelo because of the whole situation with Canelo pulling out of Floyd's card. Floyd's not gonna do him any favors by giving him a big payday. He basically said screw Floyd and Floyd is going to say screw him right back.


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      Al Haymon fighters doe
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        damn good bump


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          Originally posted by Larry_Rushmore View Post
          damn good bump
          With some PBC stars they boast about “All I had to do was talk to Al to set it up (to make a fight) for fighters boasting about being sole promoters... yet GRJ? Spence told Arum to his face, “call Al.” Spence should’ve told Arum, “I’m going to have Al call you and you better accept the fight.” Spence is the “promoter.”

          So with Trout and Lara as the PBC early bird project there was no way Haymon was going to have Trout face Floyd or Lara face Floyd etc... Charlo Bros. been separated from Shields for a while, and yet none of them wanted Lara...Jermell... but Lara did. Ronnie was always quiet.

          But then you’ve Jacobs and Devry both with Al, and both with Rozier at one time, yet they fought. PBC is a weird place of Lean Bidness


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            Originally posted by Bigg Rigg View Post
            Floyd will not fight Trout or Canelo after this fight. I think he's staying at 147 and will probably fight 1 of the Jr Weltererights coming up.
            Originally posted by low_Bo View Post
            That's right. Floyd will not fight the winner. Whatever fight has the least risk, expect fraud to take it. Fraud may fight ishe smith or someone of that caliber next.
            Originally posted by thuggery View Post

            Floyd don't want none of the Trout-Canelo winner.
            Originally posted by jso416 View Post
            I agree with most of the posters here.. There's no f'n way Floyd gets in the ring with the winner of Canelo/Trout. Floyd has never been what I would consider a huge risk taker. He's most likely going to fight another 147 lb fighter.. Just not Broner if he beats Malignaggi (too much skill). Floyd will most likely look to fight the winner of Alexander/Brook, Khan, or maybe even Victor Ortiz.
            Originally posted by PAC-BOY View Post
            No way does he want any part of either. Especially Canelo!
            Originally posted by TLC8 View Post
            Mayweather won't go up and fight Canelo, no chance, no way, and he certainly would never fight Trout if Trout could get by Canelo (and he won't), Trout is WAY too big for Floyd. Trout's rodeo draws to a close this weekend, when Canelo stops him in 8-10 rounds.
            but now it is a cherry pick??


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              Originally posted by Weebler I View Post
              lol Mayweather will blatantly duck Trout if he beats Canelo.
              this right here. ^^