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Comments Thread For: Omar Narvaez-Daniel Rosas on May 11 in Argentina

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  • WPersan
    Rosas is good but not great IMO. I’ve been following him since his participation in the “Campeon Azteca” TV show. He got a gift decision against Felipe Orocuta in the Finals IMO. He also got a gift against a pretty unknown fighter (I don’t recall his name) from Tamaulipas. On his last fight he struggled most of the fight against “El Duende Bernache” which again in my opinion is not that great.

    He seems to have good power and seems to box relentless though he eats a lot of shots to the head; he has been dropped a few times already, in fact Orocuta dropped him during the “Campeon Azteca” tournament but it was wrongly called a slip.

    Orocuta in the other hand is a really good prospect, he boxes, has power, and has a pretty good size for his division , in fact he (Orocuta) beat Pingo Miranda easily when he replaced Rosas who was supposed to fight him (Pingo) but got sick.

    Out of the 2nd “Campeon Azteca” tournament, Estrada is pretty good IMO. He fought great against Chocolatito and in my point of view he’ll be a live underdog against Viloria.

    Going back to Rosas I don’t think at this point of his career, he has what is needed to beat a great veteran and crafty champion such as Omar Narvaes; truly hoping he proves me wrong though.

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  • SCtrojansbaby
    For those who don't know Rosas is one of the best mexican prospects(now a contender)

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  • Comments Thread For: Omar Narvaez-Daniel Rosas on May 11 in Argentina

    The super flyweight champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), Omar Narvaez of Argentina will make a mandatory defense of his title on May 11th against Mexico's Daniel Rosas (15-0-1, 9KOs), according to the latest reports in the country. The fight is going to take place in Argentina. It has been pushed back several times and numerous dates have been kicked around. The venue has yet to be finalized.

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