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Vitali Agreed to 50/50 + England venue. Where's Haye?

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    Originally posted by lfc19titles View Post
    where is the proof vitali agreed to that?
    Originally posted by lfc19titles View Post
    what a suprise, bs thread with complete lies

    Klits would never come to fight in the England, if the fight happens, it will be in germany, with Vitali choosing the ref and judges like Wlad did.
    Yet again, hate to do this to you but you did talk a lot of smack in the comments section.

    Haye spoke to the media recently, saying he wants to fight Vitali or Wladimir Klitschko next. Haye says he’ll send Vitali into retirement, which obviously isn’t going to endear him with the big 6’7″ Ukrainian.

    Vitali said this to Sky Sports News on the subject of Haye: “It would be great to fight in Great Britain. I know I have some support in Britain and I want to think everybody there for watching this fight. I know they like the Klitschko brothers and we have good support there. I would like to fight there again – at Wembley Stadium. That is another dream.”

    Vitali did an excellent job in fighting in Tomasz Adamek’s home country of Poland last night, destroying Adamek slowly until stopping him in the 10th. Vitali never really let the Polish crowd get into the fight by dominating every round and giving them little to cheer about. Every time Adamek would land a rare shot, his fans would scream in approval, but those occasions were so few and far in between that the crowd was a non factor in this fight.

    Against Haye, however, it could be a much different story though, because British fans typically scream nonstop, do a lot of singing and blowing of horns. It’s constant noise, which could in theory affect Vitali negatively. I doubt it will, but there’s always a chance. More than likely, Vitali would be egged on by Haye’s British fans and would go after him much quicker to end matters than Vitali did against Adamek last Saturday. Haye’s a lot faster than Adamek, but he doesn’t seem to take shots too well.

    It’s hard to imagine Haye holding up under 10 rounds of punishment the way that Adamek did. Haye has never been hit that much in a fight before, and the one right where he did get hit a few times against 40-year-old Carl Thompson in 2004, Haye get knocked out in the 5th. In his last fight against Wladimir Klitschko, Haye ran around for the entire 12 rounds, eating jabs from Wladimir. Haye didn’t have to worry too much about getting hit with power shots, because Wladimir fought cautiously and didn’t throw a lot of power shots in the fight.

    (Sorry, the link isn't allowed here, it will be censored, but just google vitali agrees to fight haye in england.) Only thing isn't mentioned is the 50/50, but I'm pretty sure Vitali would give it to get him in the ring.

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      the administrator steps in with facts.


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        Aren't the Klitschko's tired of fighting cruiserweights yet.