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Vitali Agreed to 50/50 + England venue. Where's Haye?

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    Probably hiding out in hollywood somewhere


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      Originally posted by Money_May View Post
      Link? I don't believe vitali would give haye 50/50 no belt and he hates the guy why give him another 10M? Makes no sense, if it happens it's completely on vitali's terms
      I believe that hate is more to just promote the fight.


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        Originally posted by lfc19titles View Post
        where is the proof vitali agreed to that?
        i heard haye still had a fan. Nice to meet you.


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          Originally posted by lfc19titles View Post
          what a suprise, bs thread with complete lies

          Klits would never come to fight in the England, if the fight happens, it will be in germany, with Vitali choosing the ref and judges like Wlad did.
          Vitali loves to beat up his opponents in their hometowns.

          KO 2 Herbie Hide in England

          TKO 10 Chris Arreola in Los Angeles

          TKO 10 Tomasz Adamek in Poland

          Vitali wants to beat up Haye in England.


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            Originally posted by Rassclot View Post
            Seriously. Where is he?
            Vitali is the real Klitschko... how somebody actually ranks Wlad over him is really beyond me... this man is a real fighter and he isn't such scared little boy like Wlad... he goes everywhere... and I absolutely would love that fight in England...


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              Lol Vitali is ready to destroy Haye and called Haye's bluff hahah.

              Haye is probably ****ting bricks still.
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                  Haye has probably watched the Adamek tape a couple of times and come to the same conclusion as Booth.


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                    The Heavyweigh division needs athletes and hype.

                    Haye did bring both of these but he lost to a better athlete.

                    Still, looks like he's running.


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                      What is it with the internet?
                      Even if Vitali and Haye have agreed to this, the fight just isn't going to be made just like that is it?
                      50/50 would be fair enough if it was at Wembley as the vast majority of the fan base would be there to see Haye (either cheering him on on hoping he gets beat up).

                      I still find that Vitali hat stealing thing hilarious every time I watch it. Ultimate AMOG move!
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