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Comments Thread For: Chris Algieri: Rather Than a Sport, Boxing Has Been Transformed Into Entertainment

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    Bingo, entertainment de jour for the royal house of saud


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      Algieri was a bum who cares what he thinks. Problem with boxing is that it isn’t even entertaining anymore. Cherry pick after cherry pick uncompetitive fights for the supposed top p4p guys. Everyone wants to be Floyd and pick and chose their opponents and protect their record. Boxing is a joke now unfortunately


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        Originally posted by Mash121 View Post
        It's become a bit of a circus as well.
        That's right, goes great with bread!


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          Depends on the fighter,

          Take Usyk, old skool, his comical personality covers over the fact he's a real hard man & wants to face the best continuously & has.

          Take Aj, his own words coming up "i want to be the first billionaire boxer" & tried to micro manage his career, low risk high reward, avoided his 2 piers with money to instead box over the hill 38-41 year olds & cans until Usyk.

          Now Turkish has a new toy loosing 10s of millions every card, it makes no sense but at least they're fighting.


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            Originally posted by -Kev-
            Lol itās been entertainment since its inception. Boxing has always been entertainment by the poor/minority to make money. Back then that group was Italians, Irish, ***ish.

            It evolved into a sport and all the skill mumbo jumbo.

            In a baseball game, a real sport, it can be 0-0, no hits, in the bottom of the 12th inning and fans wonāt boo. Thatās a sport.

            In boxing, if punches arenāt scoring or if the fighters stare at eachother for even 5 seconds, fans boo. Even if the boxers are showing impressive footwork skills and evasion of punches. Fans will boo.

            Thatās because at its core boxing wasnāt about skills, it evolved into that and became a sport. Boxing was about entertainment and toughness. With ******** thrown in there since its inception.

            āI got $2 dollars on mustache!ā - Ballers from the 1800s wagering on a fist fight with rules
            miserable wittle wee wee racist maggot boring ass baseball has been dead for years.

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              Who didn't know this? Who asked Algieri
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                Originally posted by diplo View Post
                Who didn't know this? Who asked Algieri
                Champions of Stevenson don't know this


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                  All sports is entertainment. Except in boxing you can accept or reject who fans or governing bodies want you to fight.
                  I don't like tennis, especially men's. I see too much arrogance in that sport when I feel it should just be a hobby played in private courts.
                  Lucky for them they make money just playing and having fun.