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  • Comments Thread For: Jaime Munguia Envisions Life-Changing KO Against Canelo

    Jaime Munguia grew up admiring Canelo Alvarez, and now he's looking to snatch the mantle out of his countryman's hands to become the new face of boxing for Mexican fans.
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    Munguia will get schooled and probably even KO'd. Easy work for Canelo
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      Munguia is a very good fighter, but Canelo obviously on a higher level.

      If Golovkin couldn't knock Canelo down, how will Jaime be able to? One can criticise Canelo here and there, but can't say he doesn't have a great chin.


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        People seem to forget how much he got ****** around by the aging Derevyanchenko in the fight before last. Those defensive flaws haven’t gone anywhere, Munguia is going to find himself in a world of trouble with the speed, power and timing of canelo.


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          Everybody looks bad against Derevyanchenko, so I wouldn’t hold that against Munguia. A much bigger problem is that Alvarez is extremely difficult to hit clean, and even when it happens, he’s got a head like an engine block. He appears to be one of those guys who can’t be knocked out by anyone near his weight class.

          Everybody remembers Canelo’s corner telling him not to try to knock out GGG. “He’s too strong!” Munguia’s corner better be telling him the same thing. Bivol showed the recipe for beating Canelo, and it’s not sledgehammer power. GGG had that, scored a few thunder shots, and Canelo survived them easily. Bivol’s approach was ultra high energy, lots of in and out, constant motion, hyperactive footwork, flurries when the opportunity arises, and keep after that with marathon stamina for 12 rounds. Canelo’s overly muscled-up physique tires more quickly than a fighter who never found the chemical secret to huge muscle mass. If Munguia thinks he can swarm Canelo with power shots and get a knockout, he will end up with a broken orbital bone. You cannot maul this man. Too tough and skilled for that.
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            Canelo may be the deserved betting favorite for the right technical reasons as noted previously in this thread, but I like Munguia's attitude. It won't make it hard for me to hope for an upset.
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              Can't see canelo being stopped, best case is out working him and getting robbed but i think canelo clearly wins a fun fight, winning 8 or 9 rounds.
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                This guy is gone in 3 rounds or less


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                  That would be a big upset ...

                  He better hope that Canelo isn't on those tacos.


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                    thats karma again, means he may well be looking up at the lights at some point in the night

                    this will be a nip and tuck kind of fight for two thirds of the fight u would think canelo slightly on top and his heavy shots taking a toll towards the end with mungi rocking and rolling, whether he can go into survival mode to finish the fight remains to be seen of course, maybe he can do that indeed

                    i also think the time is soon that canelo really shows his age in the ring, someone will benefit from that bigtime soon
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