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Comments Thread For: Did Bigger Make Better? Ryan Garcia Overpowers Devin Haney in Shocker

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  • Originally posted by Marktko1020 View Post

    First easiest was Marquez. You know when Floyd intentionally came in over the contract weight and didn’t attempt to sweat out the last two pounds. Straight unprofessional and cowardly, seeing that we’re on a thread about Ryan failing to make weight.

    Even so, Marquez who was older and smaller gave a better account for himself than Haney. You’re pro-black and your boy got his ass handed to him. He and his loudmouth fighter had this coming.
    Is it a thing for you mexicans to be racist all the time and start race baiting. I am not a black man nor am I pro black, nor am i even a devin haney fan.

    I can tell you don’t watch boxing and only spew a bunch of garbage your favorite fighters tell you, so let me thoroughly debunk the nonsense in your post:
    1. That was Floyd’s first fight after a 2 year hiatus. Ryan hadn’t retired for 2 years like floyd did.
    2. Marquez is 15 times the fighter Haney is, so Mayweathers win is objectively better than Garcias
    3. Marquez did not make a better account of himself. Haney rocked Ryan and was winning the fight, arguably dominating it till the 7th round. Marquez himself got dominated from the very first round.
    4. Mayweather at ryan’s current age was a 3 division world champion. Ryan Glasscia has never won a single world title and will never will. He will be the only boxer to fight at the elite level and never win a world title.


    • Originally posted by richardt View Post

      Garcia and Teo Lopez seem to excel when when the world sees them as mental. The next time another fighters seems to have some screws loose, I'm going to bet on them if this trend continues.
      I know lol me too I been noticing this


      • Wow! Yes! That was a very entertaining fight! Haney is very tough, Garcia is so talented. Great win for Garcia!