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Haney needs to retire - fake champion with no chin

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  • Originally posted by billeau2 View Post

    Your comment about Haney is spot on. I believe he is a product of very hard work, very good athletic training, and understanding certain technical elements to a degree. Ryan has genetically enforced speed and power lol. Yeah the polarity here in this section is ridiculous lol. There are people that were talking about him fighting Crawford or boots some are talking about Ryan doing the same which is also IMO as laughable.
    Boxing at this ppv/big fight level is about money over competition or sport so idk that I'd say anything is objectively laughable per se when the goals of the ppl involved in boxing & the wishes of fans couldn't be more different most of the time. They are getting exactly what they wanna get more often than not.

    I mean we are 3mos away from a near 60yr old legend, Tyson, fighting a novelty boxer from the sphere of social media, Paul. Thats trending more towards laughable, or sad, than Ryan vs Bud or Boots, all top ten guys at their respective weights now. But the thing is its about money for these ppl putting Tyson & Paul in the ring. Boxing is about neilsen numbers/views, ppvs brought & asses in seats more than boxing skills to the ppl selling boxing.


    • Two weeks ago the unappreciating fans were saying the very same things about Ryan Garcia.
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      • Originally posted by daggum View Post

        you probably think the oj simpson case "could have gone either way"
        bro you got some issues