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Comments Thread For: Garcia's Behavior Slaps Potential Haney Win With An Asterisk In Advance

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    Originally posted by Monty Fisto View Post

    It's possible that it's just playing crazy for publicity, but it doesn't feel like it. He looked bewildered in the press conference where he had the husky voice and was drunk/high, like he was about to cry. And there's a scattershot way thoughts come out when he tries to comminicate that seems like someone genuinely having connections firing and misfiring in their brain.

    It's all speaks to a random shltshow rather than a calculated plan.
    I hear whatbyou're saying.
    But you're mainly reacting to the press conference.

    My question was...
    What exactly did Garcia do or say that has " The Media " starting off every interview / article about the fight with " concern for his mental health " ?

    Was it the Bohemian Grove thing ?

    Anybody got an answer for me ?


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      Originally posted by roademier View Post
      I heard Fauci invented the corona virus , I had know idea he created Aids also.
      In 1984 Anthony Fauci became the director of NIAID.
      Where he oversaw the research / developement to address the AIDS epidemic.

      That's what google will give you.

      I've seen a couple good documentaries about his involvment with AIDS and its spread.

      But it's best to go with the Google version and realize that he was Atleast involved in the research / developement.