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Comments Thread For: Ryan Garcia Admits He's 'A Little Mental' But Ready to 'Destroy' Devin Haney

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    Originally posted by Left Hook Louie View Post

    Did you see the interview with the DAZN crew after Garcia's workout yesterday? Sergio Mora even said it out loud - "He's manic" - and indeed he was. I suppose it would be worse for Garcia to get into the ring on Saturday in a depressive state if bi-polar was the only option for him. There's still time before the fight and I wonder if Garcia's mania might be peaking a little too early.
    This is real sad, what happened with the state commission's mental health test? Bad that we're watching this guy break down live and nobody in a position of power really cares.


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      I guess the other question is, did he really marry that uhm current or former adult actress Savannah Ford or not, Vegas wedding or not.


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        He is the typical snowflake. Loves the attention but negative attention gets to him. You can't please everyone and the more popular you are the more haters you will have, fact of life.

        This is his time to milk whatever fame he has because if he keeps getting worse mentally he won't be able to generate as much. Since everyone says the same thing about him no matter what camp or personally this dude does have some issues.
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          Idek that hes THAT mental either, I think hes immature mostly. And all these lil things he says & does for attention is him thinking thats how you best get attention still as a 25 yr old in the 2nd biggest moment of your boxing life.

          I think boxing came easy for him for most of his life, but he doesn't love the sport or love the work imvolved in improving his game. So he'll probably always be a ticket seller more than a guy achieving big things in boxing.

          All that said I think he started well vs Tank but Tank adapted quickly & its possible he could start well again to the point of winning or dropping Devin, but the longer this fight lasts the more it steers how Devin wants it to go to the point of Ryan quiting or self destructing. Its Devin so I'm never confident in a KO, but I think a Devin KO is more in play than it'd usually be for him.


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            Originally posted by Santa_ View Post

            He said the elites tied him to a tree and made him watch them do unspeakable things to others. If true I can see how that can take a mental toll on someone.
            Its always "the elites" & never a specific person. He should be like George Clooney, P Diddy & Lindsey Graham made him watch unspeakable things.

            Also I believe this would be multiple crimes if it happened. Obviously pedo sh^t. False imprisonment. Maybe kidnapping unless he was randomly out in the woods when P Diddy grabbed him & tied him to a tree. His phone gps should be able to find the crime scene.

            It'd be funny to me if law with took his claim seriously with this sh^t.


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              I think this loss will hurt Ryan more than the Tank loss. At least he has his excuses for that regarding the contract stipulations they put in place. Against Haney, I don't think he has much to go off when he gets outboxed in a rather dull fight. It's going to look bad on him and once again, he hasn't materialized into anything beyond a social media star. He's not all that much different than the Jake Pauls of the world. He only started his career sooner than Jake.
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                Just a comment on the passing scene… and not that I’m accusing anybody. Marijuana that is grown today is somewhere between 50 and 100 times stronger than naturally occurring weed from, say, the 1930s. It’s been bred to have a vastly greater concentration of cannabinol. The same is true of tobacco plants which have been bred so that the nicotine content is upwards of 30% compared to naturally occurring tobacco plants which can be as low as 1%.

                Consequently, people in the health care industry are seeing more erratic and even psychotic behavior from people smoking weed. I’ve watched more than one family member end up in the human trash dump because of drugs, and people can chuckle over this if they want to, but the drugs people are taking nowadays are just way more potent -- enough so that even the occasional, recreational weed user ends up too crazy to deal with.

                Garcia needs a good Dad in his life to kick his tail, demand high standards, reject his lunatic media performances, generally bring some law and order to his life, and remind him that Jesus Christ is Lord, and God Almighty will not be mocked. Without that kind of influence, he’s headed into a very dark future. And this is true even if he knocks Haney cold as a wedge. Despite the fact that the world no longer believes in anything but personal pleasure, there are some standards that just won’t budge.

                Thanks for listening.

                yours, Bro. Steve
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