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Comments Thread For: All-Day Fights, Top-to-Bottom '****ers' Dulled Only by Low Energy in Saudi Arabia

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    Surely we don’t really care? It’s not like it’s a choice between these fights happening in vegas/ london or Saudi. These fights would not be happening without the intervention of the Saudis so I don’t care if it’s in front of 60,000 or 6 people as long as we are finally seeing the fights we want.
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      I almost always watch boxing on mute anyways. bring on daytime Saturday boxing. only one I don't mute is ProBoxTv. all others are trash commentary and espn commentating is by far the most annoying, it's like watching fights with 3 meth heads who are also drinking coffee. THE WORST. and DAZN has Chris Mannix, enough said there. PBC was awesome until they fired Malignaggi for not going with the script, and hired that ding dong clown. so yeah Saturdays on Mute is even better than late night on mute. atleast I'll stay awake, and the LHW card coming in June is the best card of this century, hands down


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        That is one thing that was noticeable from when the first high profile fights took place in Saudi.

        Not much atmosphere coming through the screen from the venue, but 'ey, at least they make a few very attractive fights happen.