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Comments Thread For: 'Rattled' Devin Haney Losing His Composure, Says Oscar De La Hoya

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    Originally posted by niceyboo3 View Post

    How is Ryan not a star?He is more cheered than anyone he has ever fought. Latinas drooling, only fan hoes car groupie-ing. I'll take it..
    A star to high school girls. Do high school girls by tickets and PPVs?
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      Wishful thinking from odlh. Only person Ryan is inside their head is his own. Or is it a pre meditated excuse for when he gets schooled? I can hear it already...
      "He wasn't mentally ready"
      "He should of never fought Devin like this"
      "The fact he even made weight let alone fight Haney says a lot about what he's made of"

      And a bunch of others feel free to keep it going boxingscene


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        Haney also shoved Loma. He officially won that one, although many thought he didn't really win.


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          Originally posted by hitmanjosh View Post
          ****kkkkk Oscar he’s a controversial weak asS unprofessional promoter! U never see Bernard saying all that crazy ****ttttttt, only a crackhead with gay tendencies
          Really? What rock did you just crawl out from? Bernard says some of the craziest stuff imaginable in interviews. I guess you never saw his last interview with Marcos Villegas. Bernard is heavy on the crazy. On top of that, lately he's been asking grown men to go into the bathroom with him because they said something he doesn't agree with.
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            'Haney, like Garcia 25, is regardless recognised as the most disciplined of fighters'

            really garcia is disciplined like haney? well i guess he did make his catchweight last fight