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Comments Thread For: Bill Haney: 'The Biggest Pimp In The Whole Industry Is Henry Garcia'

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    Originally posted by paulf View Post

    Bill was saying Haney is doing bigger numbers than Mayweather at this point. He's right. At 25, Mayweather was not a draw.

    Floyd was 25 when he made $2.2 million to fight Castillo. That's $3.8 million in today's money.

    Haney made $6 million against Prograis. He'll make at least double that against Garcia.
    Hard to argue this point. Their business acumen has to be praised being that they're promotional free agents most of the time and still manage to reel in big name promoters and fighters to deal with them and score big paydays consistently. That headline is wild, but with the way the old man allows the younger Garcia to consistently make a fool of himself day after day on the internet and do nothing but reinforce it just for money shows lack of real moral value. Reason why these younger generation folks are braindead and have no respect or moral values anymore.
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      Originally posted by paulf View Post
      “You know, Floyd never did what Devin has done and if he could have, he should have,” Bill Haney said. “Floyd was never undisputed in his division, whether it was (reluctance to fight Antonio) Margarito or Winky Wright or making Pacquiao and Cotto wait.“Devin is what ‘TBE’ wasn’t at 25.

      Never having a contract dispute with a manager or promoter, getting to the bank and pay-per-view. I don’t think Mayweather was a pay-per-view fighter at 25. We keep discussing our numbers when ‘TBE’ wasn’t that.”

      Big talk, but where is the lie? Bill has a good memory and isn't glossing over Floyd avoiding guys.
      If Floyd had Kambosis for undisputed he would have knocked him out in under 6 rounds inside his 15th fight.


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        Adonis Stevenson has entered the chat


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          That's rich coming from him ....!


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            Bill Haney needs to shut up already, he's starting to sound like crazy Ryan Garcia. Old Bill should only concern himself with training Devin for his fights.
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              Bill Haney’s Unhinged Meltdown: A Desperate Bid To Save A Dying Fight
              By Tim Compton - 04/16/2024​

              Devin Haney’s father, Bill, looked unhinged today, melting down on top of the Empire State Building in New York, talking about how he’s sending his son to go “kill” Ryan Garcia when the two meet this Saturday, April 20th, on DAZN PPV at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.​

              The manufactured drama and bizarre antics Bill is trying to create aren’t working. Papa Haney can’t fix the core issue: Fans aren’t excited about the Devin vs. Ryan match-up, and Bill can’t change that with his theatrics.

              Bill will have to do more than off-the-rails trash talk to get fans interested in this fight because it’s looking like another PPV disaster for Devin, like his last one that brought in only 50K buys against Regis Prograis.

              Fans see the fight as a mismatch, and that perception will not change no matter what wacky Bill attempts. If Bill wanted to sell the fight, he should have come up with something earlier rather than waiting until the week of the fight...



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                Haney a “ppv draw”? Lmao!! If its not a high-profile Hispanic or Tank in the other corner..he wont draw flies to crap!
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                  Haney is just feather-fisted. Yet to beat young Prime Champion.

                  Were all over 34.

                  Kambosos was never elite or at the high level, he got lucky facing Lopez at his worst mental state.


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                    You know for what its worth Haney has done more than a lot of other guys in or around his weight class in this day and age of boxing. I mean you have tank who could have and should have fought Loma a long time ago but never did. Tank should have taken the Kambosos fight before Haney after he beat lopez and never did. Tank should have fought Regis before Haney but never did.. I mean you cant be mad at Haney he's doing what he needs to do right now. I don't think he is as good a Mayweather Jr. but he's doing really good for himself. Then you have Stevenson that isn't doing anything either ( and I think Stevenson is a better fighter than Haney skill wise but doesn't do anything) The only other young fighter around that weight that has accomplished as much is Lopez whether you like it or not.