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Are taller boxers easier to hit with Body shots ?

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  • Are taller boxers easier to hit with Body shots ?

    Since they’re lower body is more exposed.

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    if they fight small and dont know how to use their height and reach.


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      If you can avoid the jab and uppercut on your way in then yes.


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        There is an arm length / torso length ratio that might or might not put some taller fighters at a disadvantage. Obviously just having long legs isn't going to have much effect.


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          Every fighter has weaknesses. Train to counter those. As a taller fighter, you know that people are going to try to work their way in. The basic ways to counter that include footwork, educated lead hand, and meeting them with punches on the way in, such as uppercuts or check hooks depending on how they're coming in. Maybe a short chopping overhand. You need to be able to read your opponent and see what their tendencies are as they crash the distance.

          Footwork is essential. Being able to circle out as they come in, especially if you're meeting them with combos as they enter your pocket, makes it very hard for them to get into range unless you're tall and also have short arms for your size. If you haven't figured this out, a basic skill set would be using the momentum of a pound recoil to disengage, but to do so at an angle that puts you at an advantage if they are trying to pressure.

          A couple recent fights to watch would include Bivol v Canelo, and Moloney v Nakatani. For Bivol, pay attention to his timing as he gets close to the ropes, especially relative to Canelo's foot placement. Bivol makes advanced things look really easy, so you have to really pay attention. For Nakatani, pay attention to punch selection and angles. That was a textbook on how to punish someone trying to get inside for twelve rounds before flattening them with what's likely going to be the KO of the year.

          Also, cultivate an inside game for when they do get inside that's more than just tying up. That should include frames and disengages with counters.


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            Not necessarily but I could get why most people have that impression.

            If someone can keep a tight guard and those elbows tucked then it is difficult to land a meaningful body shot.

            Most fighters don't keep their elbow tightly tucked so the body is open to a degree. So if you have a shorter fighter and a taller fighter that both fight with their elbows open a bit then the taller fighter does indeed have "more body available to hit" because they are a bigger individual.

            But if the taller fighter has a tighter guard and elbows more tucked then they have less body available to hit than the shorter fighter who fights with a more open guard.