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Comments Thread For: Edgar Berlanga To Decide Soon Between Offers From De La Hoya, Haymon, Hearn

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    Originally posted by crimsonfalcon07 View Post
    I don't think Berlanga can take BJS...

    Saunders already won a world title, and he's pretty slick. Berlanga isn't at the world level, and maybe never will be. Perhaps if BJS is a shadow of his former self.

    ​​​​​ He's certainly not ready for PBC's stable.
    Unless BJS is totally shot or his face falls apart, Berlanga won't win a round against him.

    I am also just waiting for someone unknown to shock Berlanga.

    If I were him, I would just try to cash out beforehand.


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      Originally posted by Bronx2245 View Post
      Is he at 175 now, or 168?
      Not sure but saw his name mentioned.


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        He is good ! He got everything hart,he is warrior, all he need is a better trainer like Freddie Roach.


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          Definitely should go to Hearn. Mofo that can't fight, with a coach that can't coach, should be managed by a guy that can't manage & promoted by a guy that can't promote.

          Match made in heaven so far as I can see.
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            His best bet is to sign with DLH. At least he has a chance against Munguia and then he cashes out against Canelo

            Whereas he loses to all the guys in PBC and there's no money or good fights with Eddie

            Of the bunch, he needs to stay far away from Benavidez
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              Originally posted by richardt View Post
              There's a part of me that wanted to be a fan of his cause of all the negative feedback he has gotten but biting Angulo sealed it for me. Not a fan because of that. His personality doesn't sit well with me. He seems simple-minded with a dark part to him when you look into his eyes and he talks.
              The bite was disgraceful, but we don't know how we would react to someone headbutting, and elbowing us.
              Beside's the fact that he fought well, against his toughest opponent up to that point, until he lose's the amount of negativity heaped on him isn't warranted.
              Especially if you take into account that he's gotten up off the floor to win, has gone the 10 round distance, and is still a young undefeated fighter.
              He was also on the verge of stopping 2 of his last 4 opponent's, Beranga stated that he broke Caceres' orbital bone in 3 place's, and shut his eye with a grotesque hematoma.
              He wiped the floor with Nicholson who just went the distance with Andrade, and had him holding on for dear life by the end of the fight.
              So breaking with top rank for whatever the reason was, has him in an enviable position with the 3 top promoter's in boxing trying to get him to sign with them.
              Scrubs just don't get that kind of attention, and their vying for him to sign with their promotional company mean's he's going to be offered more money than he was making at Top Rank.
              So where does the simple mindedness come in, I've heard his interview's, and he know's what he's talking about, the proof of that is in the financial position he's maneuvered himself into.
              As for the dark side that he may have, you might have something there, because he did grow up in the project's in 2 of the most crime ridden neighborhood's in NYC.
              All of that said, he hasn't gotten into any legal problem's, unless of course you count the bite in his last fight, which was psychotic, but we've all had our bad moment's.
              I don't care for all the jewelry, rapper's, and actor's that all of a sudden are his friend's, but again if we were in his shoe's wouldn't all that appeal to us also?
              Now I'm not a Berlanga hater, as a matter of fact I look forward to watching his fight's, and talking about his fight's he need's to get into the ring, and do just that pronto!
              I'm still a bit skeptical, but I have to tell you richardt, I really used to look forward to seeing Berlanga, and Zayas, fighting on the same card.
              I'm looking forward to that taking place again during this year's Puerto Rican Day Parade weekend.
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                Hottest Free Agent in boxing while Bud Crawford one of the best P4P is still a Promotional Free Agent...

                That Is Saying Something!

                Again, Berlanga does Draw in New York so immediately whoever signs him puts him and Barclays or MSG and he will pack in a great crowd

                I still think GBP is best for now, fight Gabe Rosado for his Debut in NY. If he is ready to jump into the Fire Immediately then PBC, Matchroom is the Easy Money Edward probably can talk BJS out of retirement or something I Guess
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