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Comments Thread For: Photos: David Benavidez, Caleb Plant - Trade Words at Heated Press Conference

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    I would say it will be an easy fight for David......if he was rematching Lemieux. I believe David is not taking Plant seriously and he is so so overrated.
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      Looks like Benavidez did himself a couple of lines with his dad before they hit the PC, what a lowlife POS just like his promoter, the whole team is a SEWER....


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        Benevidez may have been hiding something with those ridiculous glasses. His eyes had a bit of a look to them in one of the pics. The smug looking skinhead poser between the fighters is indicative of the arrogance at play. Does Benevidez Dad always orbit and interplay for him, or is it all part of their schtick? Hopefully his Pappy can help him keep his pants up for this one. Another failed test or blown weigh-in will worsen the optics, excuses be damned.


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          Further to that press conference, Team Benevidez comes off as contradictory; self-arresting. I note some key narcissistic behavior from both SR and JR. Both come off as less than class acts. Ironically, JR had his belts positioned in front of him. Question to SR. IF Plant looked as though he wanted to cry, why'd you choose a less-than-brave fighter as a foe? Further, Plant wasn't hiding his eyes, unlike JR.

          This will be a fun fight. I will look forward to it and in particular, the post-fight press conference, ESPECIALLY if Benevidez somehow messes this opportunity up.


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            Been too long!!! But gotta give props to both these men for signing on that dotted line! Now, time the world sees the beast that Muthaphuckin Mexican Monster is!!! Caleb won’t last 12 that’s a fact because the boy is soft. I can see through the bs.


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              Is it just camera angles, or does Benavidez look quite a bit bigger than Plant?

              Plant's lines about Benvidez and cocaine (get it?) are spot on. Boxing needs to clean itself up and kick out drug users -- banned for life on the first confirmed positive.


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                I don’t typically follow the promotional hooey, but was somehow compelled to watch this.

                Takeaways: The Benavidez team need a humbling. They were embarrassing to watch, and while I’m in no way making any allegations, I would not be shocked if Benavidez gets popped for coke again. I’m a recovering cocaine addict. I understand the body language.

                They are seriously underestimating Plant, who in my opinion has changed since the Canelo fight. His technique, yeah, but also his psychological output. He wanted the Benavidez team to look at him as weak. He stayed calm and collected and put up a front with his hands clasped in his pockets. My money is on team Benavidez falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Plant is no longer the brash hothead pre Canelo. This is a different Plant. The air of manipulation is interesting. I wonder what Breadman has been teaching him.

                Benavidez reading from his iPhone was the key giveaway that his side are worried because they have no real answers. They know he’s never faced an actual boxer, so a brutish laundry list of threats were their only recourse. I have seen Benavidez speak on several occasions, and he’s always come off as articulate and collected, but not here. Like Plant, this is a different Benavidez.

                So, one is emotional and the other is cunning. My final prediction is that Benavidez better come clean and get that knockout because otherwise, Plant is going to thoroughly embarrass him.

                TLDR: Maybe Benavidez is just a poor ticket scalper.
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                  Originally posted by PRchamp View Post

                  Makes sense for years I hear Johnson commenting College Football and for sure that pays more than boxing. I watched Juanma Lopez-Orlando Salido rematch live and wasn’t able to hear the showtime commentary but when I got home I watched it Tarver and Johnson made the fight even better than it was live.


                  listen to the 9th round commentary, this was a fun round and I felt like the colosseum roof about to pop off.

                  Good tough fight, thanks for that 9th round posting. Both Salido & Lopez probably gonna have some brain damage if they don't learn some defense before they careers end, for sho...
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                    I ain't got no skin in the game, but it would be nice to see David Benavidez in a tough fight for once in his LIFE! Besides that, I'm just here for the free food.
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