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Comments Thread For: De La Hoya Says Top 'Goal For 2023' Is To Make Golokvin vs. Munguia

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    I'll believe it when I see it. Munguia doesn't want to fight, he's in the big Charlo boat. Step up or shut up.


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      Originally posted by 11Combos View Post
      G just said in a interview recently he has no intentions of fighting Mungia... so haters can stop blaming Mungia for this, blame GGG & Charlo for avoiding him
      Blame everyone else huh. What about any other halfway decent fighter in or around his weight. Did they avoid him too?

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        Originally posted by Rebelrbg View Post

        Understood, it just doesn't erase his choices of opponents in the 5 years since. He has almost as many fights as GGG, but against who?
        We used to say the same things about Canelo when he was fighting Alfonso Gomez and Kermit Cintron when they were old as **** well above their best weight and then ducking GGG. But look how that turned out.

        De La Hoya is annoying and he’s kept Mungia from good fights like the Charlo matchup (which Mungia also accepted), but in the end it may be the right pacing. Time will tell.


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          Originally posted by Chris Hanson View Post

          R u ******ed? Ggg is big money. U r dumb
          Still got nothing for you, idiot.


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            wow, how the mighty have fallen if this is his top goal.