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Were Golovkin & Kovalev's reigns of destruction the most exciting time in boxing history?

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    Very fun fighters to watch indeed.
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      Originally posted by Nash out View Post
      Both guys won every fight in their prime, well, if you include Kovalev's victory over Andre "Runner" Ward, that wasn't (116-111 SK), which in reality put Kovalev to the top of the P4P list. In Nash's mind, the real Kovalev retired that night. Also, Canelo beating the leftovers of the shell of Golovkin 115-113, does not count as real Golovkin. The real Golovkin battered Canelo from pillow to post for the best part of 24 rounds.

      Away from that, their careers on the whole. the years upon years of destroying everything in sight, beating the best of the best of the best. This has got the Great Nash thinking, are these the two greatest boxers, excluding Tyson Fury, that have ever lived? Looking through boxing history, there is nobody who could beat a prime version of either, and the excitement and hype they brought is unmatched. Resume's unquestionable. Don't let history underrate these guys. In their primes, believe the hype. They were very special. Nash out
      I agree with you. That was an amazing era. Every time they fought you just knew it would be just a one of a kind performance. You knew Crusher would beat the **** out of his opponent and GGG would easily stop his. Ill never forget when Daniel Geale punched GGG square in the face. GGG ate it without flinching while throwing his punch that dropped Geale.

      I also agree Krusher got robbed vs Ward and after that was never the same. That robbery took his soul. GGG started to suck tho once he left Abel and got with Banks. Banks just wasnt a good for for him. He was a beast but I hate that he never moved fo 168 (i dont count this last Canelo fight which was a cash grab. Had him beating Canelo both fights 115-113)
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