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Comments Thread For: Hearn, Sauerland Hold Court at Presser, Discuss Benn-Eubank Being Off

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    I heard Benny got into cleaning and redecorating his house, is it true?


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      If the test results were disclosed to all interested parties on Sept 23, it was a race between Oct 7
      and test results becoming public. Trying to keep everything quiet, now everyone lost.

      Recently Eddie was complaining "He wants much more love for his boxing promotion work"

      Has he earned it after Oct 5?


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        Originally posted by Liondw View Post
        So disappointing, was looking forward to this fight.

        They should reschedule this fight and they should get in the ring before year end.

        Clomiphene, how the heck is that a performance enhancer? If anything, it's going to decrease your performance my goodness.

        The way it's going this year, don't bet on that women's fight taking place with Shields and Marshall. I think Bivol-Rodriguez is a safer bet.

        I don't think Spence-Crawford is happening this year. If it did, I'd be pleasantly surprised.
        Can you think of any valid reason he took it if it wasn't for a nefarious purpose? It boosts testosterone FFS, frequently being used as an alternative to testosterene replacement therapy. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to imagine how it might be performance enhancing.


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          I read all all the comments here and agree with them all , these 2 silver spoons talk about integrity and due process knowing the boy failed a drugs test and now want to put it on elsewhere . In all my years I’ve never known a B sample come back negative so let’s hope the press make sure the B sample result is made public , after all Eddie you talk about due process and integrity ? I almost used the word honesty and suddenly realised my mistake


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            Originally posted by Smash View Post
            ive just re read the koran and as far as i can see there is no mention of peds so the fights on somewhere over there as long as they all stay off the booze
            Read it again: ‘lame-ass jackets’ (direct quote) are expressly forbidden, so Eubank won’t get past border control

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              Originally posted by MANNY67 View Post

              What about the motor? Lol.
              Forget the motor he ain't taken the tags out of that Louis V man bag jacket yet


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                Originally posted by paulf View Post
                Disgraceful stuff all around.

                Benn hasn't had due process?

                He had a drug test and failed it.

                Eddie speaks differently about Jerrell Miller than he does Benn, for some reason.
                VALDEZ was able Continue with his Fight