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Comments Thread For: British Boxing Board of Control Won't Allow Eubank-Benn Bout To Move Forward

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    Another Brit PED cheat. And of course Madison Boxing and Sid-Knee are no where to be found in these forums to save face.......

    Tyson Nandrolone Fury
    Dillian DBol Whyte
    Connor Clomifene Benn

    Which Brit PED cheat will be caught next? And will that salty bi tch Sunny Edwards call them out on it?


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      ITS TIME! To bring in the Special Master from the UFC to straighten things out!!


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        If the B sample is positive as well, the fight has to be cancelled.

        About the drug per former Balco ceo Victor Conte:

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          They say it’s for woman so maybe just maybe he have a little b_t_hhhh in him!


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            Originally posted by Kannabis Kid View Post
            Classic Matchroom and Eddie Hearn still wanting the fight to go on even though their fighter tested positive for a banned substance. He had no problem with Dillian Whyte fighting on the juice but he didn't let Big Baby fight Joshua now did he?
            Yeah this.

            Doesn't matter if it's Valdez or Fury or Canelo or Whyte or Lamont PEDerson.

            Doesn't matter what their nationality is or what promoter they're signed to.

            Fighters who fail tests are cheaters. Doesn't matter what they took, doesn't matter what their excuse is.

            Every. Single. One.

            Fanboys can go ahead and write novels about how that shouldn't apply to their guy, though.
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              Originally posted by NYG View Post

              Shut the **** up already
              Why cause he’s right? What you expect clean mafia boy.

              Please any PED user should be banned for three years max first time, permanently second


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                What a **** show lads. Would have been a decent fight too probs
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                  Isn't NASH due to come on here and say he has inside information the fight is still on?


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                    Originally posted by Leicesterage View Post
                    ...the timing of all this.

                    What if - just WHAT IF..."English" somehow got info and dropped a dime to get the fight stopped?

                    Just sayin...
                    It's not impossible for that to be the case I imagine hes very well connected and offered some inside info from someone he knows

                    He already lost one son young and was concered about his son in this fight. Pretty sure most fathers would be willing to do anything if they felt their kid was in a dangerous situation


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                      forget about boots ortiz benn, its katie taylor v benn, winner gets shields for the real gwoat