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Spence-Crawford In Jeopardy, Delayed

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    PBC/Al Haymon can’t use Arum as a scape goat anymore. This fight was never going to happen! Al Haymon is killing the sport of boxing. The facts Are right there! I believe Spence and Crawford want the fight, it’s Haymon who’s blocking it!
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      neither guy wants the fight and never has.... keep that 0 at all costs, thats the way it is in american boxing now very rare any of them fight a genuine threat
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        Originally posted by El_Mero View Post

        Bet accounts
        I'd rather have your money.


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          Crawford is such a non-draw, I don’t know why he wants to do all this extra stuff in a fight which is going to bomb anyway. This fight, whoever is involved with making it, other than Spence and Crawford, will lose money. It will not make enough money to cover their guarantees. Crawford wants more money than he can actually generate. So of course he needs to agree to the lesser cut. He knows he’s not a draw. His last promoter said it himself.

          Spence can bring in his 350k PPV’s, which are decent numbers. But Crawford struggles to sell even 100k. When your own promoter insults you about your drawing power while you’re still under him for a few more fights, you know it’s bad.

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            Bud is right


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              Originally posted by Pigeons View Post

              Splits are based on what your promoter can pay you. 50,000 posts later you still don't know sh**t about boxing.
              Purse splits typically are based on past revenue generated from ticket sales and/or PPVs. If a fighter brings more of that to the table then he gets a proportionally larger share of the purse. That's why Tyson Fury just got an 80-20 split against Dillian Whyte.

              ​​​​​​I thought you were smarter than this. But maybe you're hangups about the "brother" running PBC are making you irrational.

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                Originally posted by sicko View Post
                Imagine asking Bob Arum to open the Books, Bud would've been laughed out of the Top Rank Office

                Yeah no Promoter in boxing is doing that especially not for Cawford...maybe for Canelo who is actually a Draw but not for Bud hell now. Hell, even Canelo couldn't get GBP to agree to open their Books. Not even in Court, they just Settled and gave him his release to become a Promotional Free Agent instead of opening the Books.

                Up his Guarantee drastically is the likely Solution to get this done
                Great post.

                Maybe Canelo can get them to open their books and demand to have control over expenditures.

                But Terence Crawford?

                He needs to stop all the nonsense and just fight already. If he wins then he can call more shots for the rematch. Devin Haney vs George Kambosos should be the blueprint for all these fighters who can't draw.


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                  Originally posted by Gary Coleman View Post

                  I'd rather have your money.
                  Clown boy. Figured


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                    This is very very embarrassing now. I don’t care about this fight anymore at all. Nobody cares at this stage


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                      Imagine all his guarantees came from stipulations for a KO, makes sense. He's a killer forreal if that were the case. Give Bud a guarantee and you're guaranteed a KO, can't blame PBC lol.