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  • Comments Thread For: Teofimo Lopez To Ryan Garcia: F--- You! You Can't Play Me! You're Hype & Not Serious About Fight

    Teofimo Lopez Jr. faces off against Pedro Campa on Saturday night headlining an ESPN show from Resorts World in Las Vegas. Although Lopez (16-1, 12 KOs) will be making his 140-pound debut and fighting for the first time since losing his lightweight
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    Ryan will end up fighting a nobody. Lopez is 100% right.
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      Oh dear. Teo just said he don't want it. Confidence has flat lined
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        Teo is making real moves and Toprank has the stable to get him to the top. De La Coca will be coming around like a fien, offering a DEADZONE co-promotion just to get a little shine. We done everything you wish u did.
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          It doesn’t take a genius to know Lopez is right. Ryan is full of sh** and just name dropping to get his idiot teeny bopper fan boys all hyped up into thinking he wants to fight someone legit. His next fight will be against a nobody.


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            Unlike Regis Prograis, Teofimo and Ryan Garcia are both shyt talkers... all thunder, no rain.

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              "Top Rank will have plenty of in-house options to offer Lopez at super lightweight instead of Garcia should he look good against Campa. Chief among them is current unified champion Josh Taylor, former champion Jose Ramirez, and contenders like Jose Zepeda, Jose Pedraza, Arnold Barboza Jr., and Giovanni Cabrera."

              Yeah, I can't see Arum doing a co-platform deal with DAZN, when they have all that!


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                Ryan Garcia Only Wants Tank Davis For Next Fight, Not Teofimo Lopez

                Ryan Garcia confirmed today the ONLY fight he wants next is a match against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. This contradicts what Ryan’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya, has been saying lately, as he stated that they’ve given up on trying to negotiate a fight with Tank Davis and he wants to match him against Teofimo Lopez next.

                The sad thing is, Ryan could probably get a fight against Teofimo without too much trouble, and it would attract a lot of fan’s interest. However, it would be a risky fight for Ryan and one that he could lose by knockout against Teo.

                Ryan believes the Tank fight can get made for December, but the chances of that happening aren’t good based on what De La Hoya is saying.

                De La Hoya says he’ll be attending light welterweight contender Teofimo Lopez’s fight against Pedro Campa this Saturday night to scout him as a potential next opponent for Ryan Garcia.

                Whether De La Hoya spoke to Ryan before announcing his intent on matching him against Teofimo is unknown at this point. If De La Hoya is acting without speaking to Ryan, it could create friction between the two.

                It’s been obvious for a long time that Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) is nearly obsessed with fighting Tank Davis. That’s all Ryan has talked about night and day since last year, yet we’ve not seen him step it up against A-level fighters that would help prepare him for Tank.

                If Ryan doesn’t fight Tank or Teofimo next, there are plenty of top 140-pounders that would jump at the chance of fighting him to gain fame & a nice payday.

                In looking at the type of opposition that Ryan has fought during his career, it’s difficult to imagine him suddenly facing any of these top 140-pounders:
                • Jose Zepeda
                • Regis Prograis
                • Antuanne Russell
                • Jose Ramirez
                • Subriel Matias
                • Arnold Barboza
                If Ryan is serious about wanting to campaign at 140, he’s going to be expected to face these types of contenders if he wants to be a top guy in the weight class.

                It’s not going to cut it if Ryan pads his record against guys like Romero Duno, Javier Fortuna, and Francisco Fonseca.



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                  Oscar De La Hoya looking at Ryan Garcia vs Teofimo Lopez fight, Garcia still focused on Gervonta Davis

                  Oscar De La Hoya may be doing what he can to secure Ryan Garcia a fight with Gervonta “Tank” Davis for later this year, but the Golden Boy promoter is also apparently keeping options open.

                  Mike Coppinger reports that De La Hoya plans to be in attendance on Saturday in Las Vegas when Teofimo Lopez returns to action in an ESPN main event, with an idea behind making a fight between Garcia and Lopez now that both are officially at 140 lbs.

                  Coppinger does also say that Garcia’s desire remains the Davis fight, not Lopez, but a few things here:
                  1. What you want is not often what you get in boxing.
                  2. De La Hoya and Golden Boy simply may not be able to make the fight with Davis. Flat-out. Period. That could be the offer isn’t right, or PBC and/or Davis aren’t willing to play ball, whatever — again, just because you have some clout it doesn’t mean you get everything you want in boxing, especially if the other side in a negotiation also has some clout.
                  3. Having a backup plan to get Garcia a big fight really is what Golden Boy should be doing. Very few people seem to expect the Davis vs Garcia fight to happen; Garcia is among them, but he also told everyone he was going to fight Manny Pacquiao. (That was the last time he insisted Davis be next and then he wasn’t.)
                  4. A fight with Teofimo would be big — not as big as Davis, I won’t lie there — and it’s probably far easier to make, as long as Lopez and Top Rank have any interest in making it.
                  Now on the one hand, yes, this seems a pretty clear admission that De La Hoya has serious doubts he can make the Davis fight for Garcia. Will that bug Garcia? Maybe. He’s almost left the company, like, three times or whatever, before being soothed and signing an extension. But if the Davis fight can’t be made, and Golden Boy are sure that it can’t be for terms they will accept, then it’s time to move on to another target.

                  Lopez would be a fitting target, at least. History does suggest it also won’t be Lopez and that instead Garcia will probably fight Steve Claggett or Yves Ulysse Jr while still talking about Davis and maybe Lopez, too, but we’ll see.



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                    Ryan will fight diaz next. Thats the game him and dela hoya are playing