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Bigger bum, Golovkin or Crawford?

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  • Bigger bum, Golovkin or Crawford?

    Two biggest bums of decade easily. Let's look at their career.

    Triple Bum:

    - 400 amateur tomato cans
    - 40 tomato cans at pro
    - Chavez wannabe
    - HBO hypejob
    - Arguably loss to best three opponents
    - Gifted p4p #1 in 2017-2018, worst p4p ever
    - Pumpkin face after every fight
    - Ungrateful against Sanchez
    - No head movement, footwork, body punches and handspeed
    - Ugly face


    - Tomato cans
    - Way past prime opponents
    - Smaller opponents
    - Weightbullying (160+ lbs fight night weight)
    - Spence leftovers
    - Worst undisputed ever (against Indongo)
    - Getting outboxed in middle of the ring
    - Unmarketable
    - Suing his own promoter Arum
    - Ugly face

    Which is bigger bum?
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    Neither is a bum you are an idiot and a disgrace to boxing fans.
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      Do you ever shut the **** up? Stop spamming the board with your stupid, attention seeking threads/posts.
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        You can’t compare a one dimensional bum like little G to an ATG like, Terence “TBE” Crawford. Crawford has fought nothing but ATG’s and HOF’s. Little G is not on his level and never will be.


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          Crawford easily, at GGG took a risk and fought Canelo


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            Neither is are bum but GGG is for sure one of the biggest hype jobs in boxing history. Crawford became undisputed in a weak division.....GGG couldn't even do that despite 160 be very weak throught the last decade, and in turn decide to focus his career around Canelo.


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              Both ATGs

              Pipe down you oddball


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                Crawford - Undisputed 2 lineal 3 weight classes. No control over Haymon and bullish in 147.

                GGGimmick -challenge Hopkins's defenses but he had a baby belt, not the real belt. . Go figure.
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                  GGG was chasing the best fighters, tried to fight the best, fought some good fighters like Jacobs, Derevyamchenko and Canelo.

                  Crawford deliberately hid from the best. When asked in interviews about fighting the best, his answer was he didn’t need them. He made it even worse by not only signing with Top Rank, but extending his Top Rank contract knowing full well all other top welters were with PBC.

                  GGG’s answer was, bring it on. He was trying. I
                  mean he ducked Lara and Ward, but as far as MW’s go, he tried to fight them.


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                    Originally posted by Carpe Diem View Post
                    You can’t compare a one dimensional bum like little G to an ATG like, Terence “TBE” Crawford. Crawford has fought nothing but ATG’s and HOF’s. Little G is not on his level and never will be.
                    I agree completely. They can’t be compared. Crawford hid from the best behind Bob Arum. The best MW’s were hiding from GGG.

                    You are right, it’s hard to compare them. All that talent and skill Crawford has, and he decided to use it on nobody until he heard through the grapevine that Porter is retiring. He finally grew some balls and fought a good fighter who was done with boxing.

                    Then Spence said, in the Ugas pre fight, that his time in boxing is going to get cut short due to the car accident. Crawford heard this and immediately started calling out Spence. Before the car accident, you ask Crawford about Spence, his answer was “I don’t need him”.

                    Crawford also calling out the weaker Charlo brother, got scared to death when the better Charlo called him out, told him to fight him instead at 154. “I know you would fight me.” Didn’t say anything about “okay, let’s fight.” Just got scared and pretty much got in the human equivalent of the submissive position for Jermall.