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Usyk went from underrated to overrated in a short time.

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    Usyk was a GOAT at CW. At HW he is fighting one of the WORST HW divisions in history, if not the worst. The Klitschko era was also terrible bad with pretty much zero competitions which is why Wlad was a champion for so long.

    So yeah, Usyk is able to thrive here because of the complete garbage competition. AJ, who was considered the top dog, was humbled by Ruiz and has completely changed his style. Fury is the only one in the HW division worth a damn other than Usyk. In the here and now I would not say Usyk is over rated. He is at the right place at the right time


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      It's down to the nature of the fans.
      You need look no further than the posters here, so many thinking Usyk is the man.

      I see it as boxing having 60 fickle fans to every one who's knowledgeable.
      Both kinds hold strong opinions.

      Usyk was great at Cruiserweight but is still, 5 fights in; warming up to being a top heavyweight.
      Oh, he IS a top heavyweight allright, and that's a rare and valuable thing to be. Make no mistake.

      ...But is he a guy who puts fear in the hearts of champions like Fury? Gosh no he isn't.

      Fury went with Ngannou because Ngannou is the better fight (for Fury, risk to reward).

      Those real contenders just itching for a crack? None of them have been acting like they're bound and determined to earn their shot....including Usyk.

      Usyk, Joshua and the rest can just cool their heels awhile. Fury will get to em'

      The champ does exactly what the champ wants. It's the order of the herd.
      This ain't no employee/employer thing like UFC, NBA, NFL.

      Fickle fans don't like it? Watch Tennis.​


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        Originally posted by Willow The Wisp View Post
        so many thinking Usyk is the man.

        most people dont think usyk is the man, apart from being a top contender in the division who happens to hold most of the belts, i would say to most hes just the man fury wont fight at the moment & because of that & furys statements it leads to people making their own statements and views about fury, a lot of people happen to think fury has marinated this fight, people dont like marination usually so are frustrated with fury and his antics, thats all

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          This post is a big yawn. People were making the same posts after he fought chisora saying joshua ko's him and he stands no chance against the top 5 hw's etc...


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            For me hes performed to expectations more or less. As a CW about to move up I said I thought he'd win a belt or belts & only get beaten by Tyson. I do think he's probably at risk vs big punchers (Wilder, Zhang, Joyce) at HW too now, but who knows.


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              He is hardly more overrated that fat Gypsy Bum that beat old Klitschko 100 years ago, which is why his fans consider him the best.


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                Originally posted by Dakuwaqa View Post
                Everyone is overrated or underrated

                You have to be one or the other

                Boxing 101
                Lmao, this was great.


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                  Originally posted by Silence View Post
                  I liked him before the first bodybuilder fight. He was underrated. I rooted for him. He is typical p4p top 10 level fighter. He is skilled relatively to his size.

                  But, he is very overrated right now. Bodybuilder was jabbing his ears off and landed some good shots by baiting him. Way past prime gatekeeper Chisora won legit 4 rounds. Usyk is skilled but not that special. He gets hit with ease.

                  Lewis, Vitali and Wlad would whoop him. Holyfield and Tyson would have a legit chance despite their small frame. Bowe could maul him inside. Fury will beat him badly.

                  His opposition is also funny. Inoue, Crawford and Canelo are much more skilled fighters than him. They would murder Joshua at the same natural weight class in a few rounds. Or, Chisora.. Just think these guys against way past prime Chisora at the same weight size.. Legit murder. He shouldn't even be top 5 p4p let alone p4p king.

                  As a conclusion, he is great fighter at CW and good fighter at HW. He was underrated and hadn't big fan base until 2 IQ idiots started to defend him by BS arguments.
                  But when i said this back then, damn near 75% of this site swore he was the 2nd coming of Ali and a top 5 hw all time. Do you now see how people overreact to bs in this era?


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                    Usyk would be considered Furys best win so if that actually happened how overatted is Fury ?

                    This is another example of this era fans can’t think bc they post . Lol

                    What would you overrate Usyk of exactly if Fury just defeated Chisora and no low blows were landed bc Chisora was allowed to land them in that fight without being called ? I’d may consider some comparisons but the fact is Chisora never actually tried to fight or win in that fight it’s really clear ………it was probably the promise he got to getting that title shot coming off losses as another Fury easy touch.

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