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  • Comments Thread For: De La Hoya: Hearn Got Canelo Beat - Bivol Was Irrelevant, Nobody Knew Him

    Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya is standing firm on his belief that rival promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom made a big mistake by finalizing the encounter between Canelo Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol.
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    Well.. people who know boxing, knew who Bivol was and knew it was risky.


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      Canelo wanted to go for legacy, he took a risk, and came up on the short end of the stick.

      Nothing wrong with that at all. At least it's real, not a manufactured image carefully created by cherrypicking promoters.

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        Cool cool Oscar you'd have cherry picked harder we get it, go get changed into your fishnets.

        Hearn really triggers these coke heads.


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          Oscar one of the saltiest most bitter characters in boxing. Shame to see him reduced to bottom feeder


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            It’s weird coming from somebody that took on unknown fighters that were dangerous too


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              says he would have promoted Bivol > How exactly? By matching him with Beterbiev? If he loses to Beterbiev he doesn't get the fight - if he wins he's seen as even higher risk.

              Now that Canelo cleared out the deadwood at 168 there's no easy fights at that weight either.

              Oscar just sounds bitter that Hearn is out-shining him at the moment. Lets see what Hearn says if Tank beats Ryan.
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                I knew who he was and called it. He was one of the two people I knew who could beat him. In other news De La Hoya would have matched him against safe bets like his entire career.


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                  Originally posted by steeve steel View Post
                  Well.. people who know boxing, knew who Bivol was and knew it was risky.
                  Exactly. Anyone who follows boxing somewhat, knew who Bivol was. And if they didn't , they knew who he was when the fight was announced. All you have to do is Google his name. And with Canelo being the so called " face of boxing" that's what people did . I'm sure many watched Bivol on YouTube if they wanted to see his style. For the average sports fan , they probably just figured another cherry picked , no name opponent in which Canelo was listed as a 5-1 favourite. Even upto the minute of the fight, he was a 5-1 pick. Oscar ? I give him credit. Shrewd promoters have a sneaky way of fooling the public with their champions . They get their fighters to fight opponents that actually sound like big names because of their past or they might hold onto a title to make them look good. Canelo's promotion were/are the king's of this method. Floyd's were another. Crawford another. Ironically, when Oscar fought, he fought anyone , anytime , anywhere. And he has losses because of it. He took lots of risks in the ring. Alot of his fights were 50/50 fights. Now that he's a promoter, he want fighters to commit to him for long term so he can make as much money as possible off them. Ie; low risk / high reward. Also meaning , as he openly admits, there would of been no Bivol fight. And more of Rocky Fielding, Callum Smith, BJ Saunders, Khan etc.


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                    ODLH has gotta know, Canelo fights who TF he wants nowadays and how often he wants. He don’t give a **** if the MF’s well promoted or not. He just went for a belt; that just so happened to be held by a supreme technician with absolute kryptonite attributes for him.

                    Nothing against Oscar, but it really seems like Canelo might be fighting at some weird MW catch weight with him right now instead of blazing through SMW and trying for LHW. As a fan, this particular promoter’s angle sucks.
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