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Comments Thread For: Errol Spence-Yordenis Ugas Generates $5,000,260 Live Gate From 37,022 Ticket Sold

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    Originally posted by factsarenice View Post

    Pacquiao could sell 250,000 PPVs just to hear him sing karaoke . Comparing Spence's numbers with Manny Pacquiao is delusional.
    if he could do that singing karaoke, then why did he only sell 200-250k PPV fighting Ugas? Same numbers as Spence....
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      Originally posted by Oregonian View Post
      We can only hope that Bud can acknowledge that Spence is the A side. 50/50 split should be in play, however, if Spence demands a 60/40 split, no one should call it a duck if Crawford refuses.

      Even the great PAC accepted a 40/60 split to fight Floyd.
      Manny's 40% split came to 120 million. In perspective, Spence vs Ugas could fight 20 times and their combined purse still wouldn't match what Manny made in 36 minutes.
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        Originally posted by paulf View Post
        That's the exact same live get Pacquiao-Margarito did - just over $5 million.

        At the time that was a little low for Pac, but it's INSANE that Spence and Ugas did that. That's double Spence-Gracia's gate at the same venue, and Garcia was a name.
        Spence/Garcia was with limited restrictions though. The stadium was not fully open as it was for the Ugas fight.


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          Originally posted by War Room View Post
          Nobody thinks it's weird it took so long to count the gate?
          The numbers for this gate have been out for weeks. I already saw these numbers two or three weeks ago. BoxingScene just took a while to post them.


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            Put Spence vs Crawford in Las Vegas. It would do enough at the gate to fill up the T Mobile Arena. After the hug I saw Laurence Cole give to EJ in the hallway, if not in Vegas, and in DFW- home cooking could very well come into play. You got Jerry Jones, who through his football slots and advertising, and Al Haymon….they’ll get it done in TX with controversy. I want no controversy out off this fight, as I truly believe this is a fight for the ages. Needs to happen next though


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              It's great that the fight generated that kind of revenue at the gate. Don't really care how that impacts splits for the Crawford fight, just want the fight agreed to .


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                Originally posted by Leicesterage View Post

                Hopefully it settles people down around here.

                Spence pulling Pacquiao numbers while Crawford could barely close a fraction of the number even against Porter.

                The numbers don't lie. Those are more than Pac did against Ugas, too.

                Errol Spence is the box office draw.
                Spence is a draw by modern standards but Pac has like 4 different PPV fights that individually did more buys than every Spence PPV so far combined. Pac broke a million buys 7 times while Spence hasnt broken 500k yet. Yeah his PPV #s dropped off after the Floyd fight but Pac at the peak of his fame was on an entirely different level of drawing power to where Spence is right now.


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                  damn spence doing ufc womend flyweight numbers sad this suppose to be a ppv draw. In general everyone knows ufc women div does least #s yet flyweight the lowest.
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                    Ok, give Spence a bigger split n save Thurman for him to build back. Not worried about Thurman losing before, we know he ducks smoke.


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                      How many of those tickets were given away for free?

                      and now im hearing ppv codes given out for free views as gifts to cable customers ?

                      inflated numbers imo .

                      spence vs crawford belongs in vegas ,no other place
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