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Comments Thread For: Canelo Alvarez: I'm Still The Best In The World, No Other Fighter Takes Risks Like I Do

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    No one can deny if Canelo hits a guy 168 or less he will do damage. Benavidez, Charlo & others are not a sure thing against Canelo. Now, if he loses to GGG by KO, that would shock the world--but that is unlikely. I agree Canelo is best P4P right now, he takes more fights than Crawford and has moved up to fight champions.


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      The Great Nash respects you Mr. Canelo. That's far more important than any P4P list. Remember that. Nash out.


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        When Canelo has climbed up in weight in the last four years, he’s been strategic, fighting paper champions and flowed old guys. + disadavantage opponent anyway he can, like hydration clause and short notice. All this jumping in weight classes were ducking from risky opponents: Charlo, Andrade, Benavidez. It was very risky to fight GGG third time right after the second fight. He waited 4 years, until GGG turns to 40. Don't forget that he is a cheater (clenbuterol). How does he have the audacity to say he's the best?
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          gets dominated, im still the best in the world, oh gingers, win a rematch & then make that statement maybe plus all these benny and charlo fans think u are shook of their guy and have been for years but they all had chances to fight u in the past and either declined or messed up and wont fight each other either so maybe its time to try again with these guys simply because those fights will sell in the states well im sure with their fan bases too, not that i think either of them have done anything really themselves actually to be fair


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            Inoue has, Usyk has.
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              Originally posted by War Room View Post

              Kovalev aka Noodles was cherry picked.

              Noodles was stopped in 2017 (Ward), 2018 (Alvarez), and almost stopped by Yarde in 2019; a boxer who doesn't spar. Cleneloterol got Noodles in 2019 ---> I mean you can't make this stuff up LMAO!

              How was Kovaquit a relevant name? If he wasn't a soft touch at the weight with a belt, Canelo would have picked his cherry elsewhere ---> FACTS.

              He took the cherry instead of the challenge to get a paper belt off a half-rotten cherry ---> FACTS.

              DAZN offered Canelo $40,000,000, not Andrade ---> DAZN is owned by Len Blavatnik who's net worth is ~31,000,000,000. Essentially, Len Blavatnik offered Canelo 40,000,000.

              Could have fooled me!

              DAZN offered GGG $15,000,000 to fight Andrade, he fought someone else for $5,000,000 less and said Andrade and Charlo should fight each other LMAO!

              Andrade even getting GGG in the ring right after one of his fights lmao!!

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              Jacobs don't want that smoke!



              So who cares if it's DAZN and not Andrade who is offering the money? They're still offering Canelo's money to Canelo. Canelo can fight at any network and still can make that much of money. And why would Canelo duck anyone? He's not with Oscar anymore. No one is protecting him. He will fight anyone. And he's fighting everyone. He just fought Dmitry Bivol. Who did Andrade fight? Why Canelo is the only option for Andrade? Why does he have to wait for the Canelo payday?

              In that video Golovkin also says that he's interested, if Charlo and Andrade still want to fight. See, you have to be realistic. A guy like Golovkin who has 350 amateur fights, 44 pro fights doesn't know what's ducking. This guy spent his whole life fighting. Win or lose doesn't matter, he will fight anyone. Why would a great fighter like Golovkin duck Andrade?
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                Yeah the risk doesn’t look to bad when you fight out of your weight class, but dammm you won’t even fight David Benavidez who is in your class chump; I meant Champ! I give you credit for having name opponents one after the other, but you’ve also played a little dodge ball.


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                  It was impressive how Alvarez moved up in weight but it will always be a matter of opinion how risky the fights with Kovalev, Smith, Yildirum, Saunders and Plant were.


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                    Win the rematch and maybe I'll listen. But not as we speak.

                    Bivol looked like a superior fighter and he wasn't even on the p4p list


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                      Originally posted by Realizniguhnit View Post
                      Canelo needs to leave the Bivol fight in the past and move on with what's left of his career. it's like he's ignorant to the wear and tear that is doing to his body, these are things you maybe try at 25 or 28 Canelo is 32 years old now and it's obvious that 168 is his limit..Personally I think Canelo should still be at 160lb but he's let his body settle in to the heavier weight now...
                      The kid walks around at 180-190 and is in his early 30s. Why do people this he’s a 154/160 pounder? He was already rehydrating to 170 (vs Lara, Angelo, and trout) when he was in his early 20s. He doesn’t fight at 160 because he can’t make it. I remember when he dropped the belt to duck GGG because he was too “small”, but then he fought Chavez Jr at 164.5… what kind of logic is that?