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Brook's resume is bad.

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  • Brook's resume is bad.

    Is it just me, or is Kell Brook's resume really bad?

    It's really bad when your 2nd best win is a way past it Khan.
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    Porter is his only big win.

    But he stepped in the ring with undefeated golovkin, spence and bud... he didn't duck nobody
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      Endless names in Brooks era - Pacquiao, Mayweather, Broner, Berto, Bradley, Thurman, Marquez, Mosley, Malignaggi, Garcia, Clottey, Ortiz, Matthyse, Alvarado, Guerro, Provodnikov, Peterson etc

      Brook fought one notable guy at 147 during his prime up until the Spence fight - Porter. And that was it for him. God knows why. And sure, you can say "He fought Golovkin, Spence, Porter, and Crawford!" but that's pretty misleading.

      He had a weird career.... can't help but think of it as a lot of missed opportunities because the talent was clearly there.
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        His management team was/is the worst.

        I don't think he'd have problems beating guys like Horn, Rios, Broner, Mickey G....guys others get credit for beating.


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          Brook vs "big four" world titlists:
          W vs Lovemore N'dou UD 12
          W vs Vyacheslav Senchenko TKO 4
          W vs Shawn Porter MD 12
          L vs Gennadiy Golovkin TKO 5
          L vs Errol Spence Jr KO 11
          L vs Terence Crawford TKO 4
          W vs Amir Khan TKO 6

          Senchenko was a way better win than Khan. Probably N'dou as well, though he was well past it at that point.


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            He passed the eye test really well and idea was if he stepped up hed be exposed. Surely a man of porters calibre would be man to do it but no brook was stubborn and it might take someone really good to beat brook. Brook had respect by now.
            Floyd fight would have been good, and brook probably had as good as anyone in the 147 division of beating floyd, alongside thurman, spence and bradley
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              Brooks resume is the best it can be. He is an underrated talent and still has elite level skills. No doubt that he was avoided at his peak by a number of the fighters mentioned. Avoided might not be the right word but I don't recall any of them calling Brooke's name back in the day.


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                Brook (in or near prime) and his supporters claimed he was starving himself to make WW....
                He wasn't much good above WW, so....maybe Porter was his Mt Everest ?


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                  Not as good as it could have been if he hadn’t gone up to face Golovkin.

                  Prime Kell is probably not beating Crawford, Spence is a 60/40 in Errols favour.

                  Everyone else I’d fancy him up beat.


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                    Were other top welterweights from his era in rush to fight him?