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Comments Thread For: Hearn Fires Back at Ellerbe: I'm 100 Times Bigger Than You! What Are You? Nothing!

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    Originally posted by Dare7 View Post

    You mentioned that Dazn hasn't renewed with Matchroom but I strongly believe that Dazn signed a 5 year deal with Matchroom last year worth millions of dollars.

    So I believe Eddie Hearns is doing a good job for Dazn. They ain't complaining.

    Yes, Hearn signed a new 5 Year deal worth hundreds of Millions of dollars with DAZN, Sky Sports straight away said they could not match the gigantic DAZN offer. So, Hearn is a happy boy for now.


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      They keep saying DAZN is the biggest in boxing but it doesn’t feel like it. They don’t have one fighter on their roster that I’m dying to watch fight. I like Canelo but I’m not dying to watch him fight those stooges.


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        "Because, I would definitely overpay to sign Gervonta Davis,. ."

        Who's money is Hearn overpaying with? His own or dazn's?


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          Pretty bad leonards right where is the American star TMT is bigger and it's because of Mayweather if Floyd was to announce a comeback all of the pro boxing world would forget all about hearn unless he had a hand in the fight the answer is Eddie is that floyd is 100 times bigger than you and unfortunately Leonard runs his company and tank is the next big draw if he keeps winning.
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            Originally posted by ELPacman View Post
            Hearn isn't lying. Ellerbe looks like the after thought clown whenever you see him at an event. He's all dressed up like he actually has done anything big on his own. He's just a "Yes" man who blows on Fraud Jr.'s nuts. Fraud made him the clown that he is today and you know what, in this case, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree that made him.

            Forget Ellerbe, the whole Mayweather promotions has been a joke for a while now. How many fighters you see aching to sign with them? Right.
            This is true. Just another leach who hangs onto Mayweather.


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              Originally posted by NCBoxingPro View Post

              yep he's yes man right to the bank!!! I know who did sign wth mayweather and pbc. Manny pacquiao!!!!! Does that answer your question. And guess what he just got that @ss beat by ugas on a mayweather pbc promoted card!!! Gtf outta here with that bull****. That right your boy pacquiao worked for lenoard ellerbe = mayweather promotions = pbc
              if you don't know that simple answer you really don't know boxing.

              You set your self up for that one dumb@ss

              i've forgotten more about boxing then you know. There's levels to this hater.

              NOW RIGHT THAT.

              I've highlighted the only thing that made sense with your post.


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                Originally posted by jonnyc420 View Post
                Hearn isn't lying Ellerbe is nothing more than a Mayweather stooge.
                Without a doubt Ellerbe is Mayweather's main stooge, and what a stooge he is.


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                  Originally posted by War Room View Post

                  You're all cap.
                  lol, all cap and no special effects.


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                    Hearn showed just how fragile his ego is, by his arrogant response to Ellerbe's comment, which was obviously borne out of pure unadulterated jealousy.


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                      Street Beefs