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Comments Thread For: Erislandy Lara: People Are Avoiding Me at 160 Just Like They Did at 154

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    Originally posted by TernceBudCharlo View Post
    Canelo vs. Lara at 160 rematch would be good
    I'm surprised there are people who liked your comment. smh

    Canelo would have been weight drain at 160 going down, 168 is more reasonable, but Lara style is so boring, i doubt it will happen again, high risk, low reward, like others mentioned here.


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      Lara & Hurd run it back @ 160 .


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        Boxing media, including this outlet, deserves most of the blame for perpetuating this 2ndary belt non-sense. Stop calling these dudes champions, Boxingscene.


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          Boxers are funny.

          Nobody is avoiding Lara. He's just been absent to the landscape for idk how long now.

          Only 2 people are relevant at 160 now. GGG and Charlo. People will make a claim for Andrade but he's doing fuk all literally.

          Lara should go and exercise his mandatory clause as the WBA regular champion. Go get the unification bout with GGG at a steep pay cut and handle his business.

          But he'll likely not do that because "people are avoiding him".


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            I love Lara but I didn't even know he was at 160 right now


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              Please make the Lara- Andrade fight. Maybe one of them will go away. Hope Lara beats Boo Boo.


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                Lara looked really sharp vs lamanna, but that isn't top level by a long ways. He'll likely have another early KO
                of boneheaded goofball O'Sullivan... especially if he comes in as quick, accurate, and powerful as he did in his last fight.
                He is right though... upper level fighters do have a tendency to avoid the slick boxers like Lara. Hopefully he soon gets some
                solid names to fight. The end is near, afterall.


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                  There are 2 good reasons for this

                  1, and most important, w or l there's no money in it.
                  2, most likely a boring fight for the fans.

                  He is 100x the fighter Khan is yet his net worth is 2 mil bucks
                  Khan's net worth is 200+ mil

                  This is where a good promoter comes in since Lara is no good at self promotion.