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Which fight would you like to see the most? Canelo vs Bivol rematch or Canelo vs Charlo?

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    Is this even a question?

    Why should I watch Charlo losing 12-0 in rounds? Charlo has zero experience at 168 and he is not strong even at 160.

    If Canelo wants to be remembered as one of the best boxers of this generation, he must take tough challenges, not soft ones. Bivol is proven as very tough challenge for him.

    Does Canelo want to revenge his loss?


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      neither fight is that competitive, charlo probably beats him even easier than bivol did. just let canelo drop back down to 168 and fight likes of rocky fielding, yildirim, caleb plant again thats all he's good for at this point, maybe they will start saying he is greatest mexican fighter of all time again


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        Bivol rematch.

        Jermall doesn't want to move to 168. So, I rather see how Canelo reinvents himself vs Bivol.
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          bivol easily dispatched canelo. im not a fan of one sided clinics having rematches. so i vote charlo. but he'll most likely have to go up to 168, and if he does, no way he fights canelo without a tune up. so this fight can be 2 years away smh


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            Alvarez vs Bivol II.

            Note: I have not voted on the poll.


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              Charlo already got his win over Canelo last Saturday though.


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                I know bunch of you foos are noobs lol but Canelo-Charlo isnt that intriguing. Canelo beats him fairly easy. Just because dude lost to a LHW, Canelo all of a sudden loses to the likes of freakin Andrade and Charlo..

                Bivol rematch is more jnteresting.


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                  Canelo vs Charlo.

                  Personally, I don't really see it as a risk when a fighter fights someone much bigger than him.

                  I need to figure out how to explain it as it is obviously a risk. They risk losing, they risk getting pummelled. What they don't risk is their reputation.

                  They end up losing, people will just say they lost to a bigger fighter.

                  I want to see Canelo fight someone he's actually in competition with so there can be no excuses.