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Comments Thread For: De La Hoya Tears Apart Hearn For Allowing Canelo To Face Bivol

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    Originally posted by sicko View Post
    Thanks for Confirming that you're keep Jamie Munguia far away from Charlo and Andrade on Purpose and instead waiting for one of them to Vacate so Munguia can grab a belt vs a Weaker opponent. I doubt he even puts Munguia in with even Carlos Adames at this point.

    Also the Ryan Garcia stuff is just Fluff as well, all the Haney, Tank Davis stuff is just TALK they have no plans on make those

    Also won't see Virgil Ortiz in with Boots, Crawford, Spence or even Stanonis anytime soon either
    You are bang on re Munguia. I think Garcia takes the tank fight but not the Haney fight.

    Ortiz….I’d think it’d be the Crawford and Spence camps that’d rather not have those fights. I don’t think Ortiz’s camp wants Boots, they’d take and beat Stanionis.

    ****ing boxing…… being a fan is like being in an abusive relationship….


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      I think the boxing death of Canelo is greatly exaggerated! Anyone saying he's through is a wishful hater!Canelo is going to whup a lot of asses !The haters will cry their tears again!


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        Oscar to Hearn " How DARE you put Canelo in against someone with boxing skills !!!! . Or " How DARE you put Canelo in with someone that has a chance !!!! " . Oscar. Go away. Your the one that started this Canelo fraud train.


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          Originally posted by exkluesive View Post

          Hold Up...

          Didn't Oscar fight Bernard at a weight class he had no business being at?And last time I checked, Reynoso doubles as Canelo's manager so they work together and THEY pick the fights and make the decisions. You can't put that on Eddie Hearn.
          yeah that is a good point


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            Originally posted by Biolink View Post
            Goddamn Oscar just sh#t on Canelo with that "If he fights him 10 times, he loses 10 times" line.

            He's not wrong IMO as far as the risk/reward was concerned. All the duck and guiding fighter's career talk is annoying as a fan. As a businessman I can't really say he's wrong.
            Yea he's saying that " 10 out of 10 times " now after he seen Canelo get whooped for 12 rounds. Anyone that asked Oscar before the fight what his thoughts were, got the response " Canelo ". He was fully confident Canelo would win. He's embarrassing himself with all this chatter .


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              Originally posted by Clegg View Post
              Picks him to win before the fight, says he would obviously lose 10 times out of 10 after the fight.

              All the promoters avoid fights that are too risky if they can. But Oscar seems the most risk-averse. Zurdo and Munguia were already belt holders years ago but now GBP has them drifting along as contenders. Garcia has stalled rather than fight a top dog. Ortiz looks great but hasn't stepped up still. Does Oscar have a single world champ signed? Literally every world champ is too big a risk for a fighter if GBP is guiding them.
              Off the top of my head, GBP has titlists in Gutierrez (130lb), Esparza (112lb), and 'Superbad' Estrada (105/108lb). Munguia could've been fighting for a title next against Jermall if not for politics.


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                “The fact that whoever pushed Bivol on Canelo, it was the dumbest move in boxing history … it’s not knowing boxing. It was the stupidest move … whoever allowed Canelo to fight Bivol. I would’ve never allowed Canelo to fight Bivol," De La Hoya said to Lance Pugmire of USA Today.

                "Look exactly at what happened. Canelo’s on the top of the world. He’s the king. Why fight a guy that if Canelo fights 10 times, he loses 10 times? And he has nothing to gain. Nothing to win. Nobody knew Bivol.”

                "It’s [the promoter’s] job to guide a fighter’s career. It’s your job to know what’s the best move, to see what the biggest and best fight for his career is. This was a terrible fight for Canelo’s career. Styles make fights. Bivol’s a great fighter. And nobody knew who Bivol was before this fight. People were not even thinking of Bivol."



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                  this is already posted... duplicate thread...

                  Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya is shaking his head over last Saturday's fight between Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol. Canelo, who is currently the undisputed world champion at super middleweight, jumped up to 175-pounds and was outboxed over twelve rounds by Bivol, who retained his WBA world title with a


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                    Pretty sure Oscar picked Canelo to win easily before the fight.


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                      Nah that award goes to haymon for letting jr fight fonfora. Lol that was really stupid