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Should Canelo call off the Bivol fight?

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    Originally posted by Loque-san View Post

    My assessment of these organizations is more than realistic unfortunately and history has demonstrated that I'm right. The problem is not the organizations per se - they are just names to show the world that Western countries are united, politically militarily and economically- what matters is what's behind: rich countries with common goals working together to stay on top while keeping the others down, by all means necessary.

    Hitler? America was built on a genocide. The Taliban? What are they doing here? We're not even living in the same world as these people. Hussein? He used to be good friend with Bush and they ended up hanging him after a farcical trial just because they felt like it.
    It seems that all the evil public figures that you know are the ones that you discovered through "first-world countries" education system and mass media. On the flip side of the coin, you have George Bush (both), Ariel Sharon, Nicolas Sarkozy and the list goes on, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. How many people, including innocent women and children, have they killed? There was no worldwide outrage or support back then because no country wants to collide with them and because they control the media in their respective countries - unless you naively believe that press freedom is a real thing. What makes them better than Putin? Is it the fact that they killed in the name of democracy and freedom?

    To answer a few of your questions: I am from Western Europe. I respect all the ethnicities and religions. I don't care about NATO, I see it for what it is. I have no horse in this race. I don't endorse what Putin is doing. I didn't endorse USA invading Irak and leaving it in ruins either, unlike many clueless brainwashed occidental citizens. I don't know if Russia's invasion was justified or not or inevitable because I don't have all the elements. Very few people have. You never know what's going on behind the scenes.

    This world is really not that hard to figure out, but it takes getting rid of your Manichean vision of the world, and start questioning most of the things that you have been taught or shown your whole life by the western propaganda overload.
    This conversation will lead us nowhere because you're looking at this world exclusively through the prism of western culture and it showed in each of your posts.
    I used to reason exactly like you so I know where you're coming from. I stand by what I said: the first paragraph of my previous post is how the world works in a nutshell. Once you accept that reality, you look at the news from a different perspective and the pieces of the puzzle slowly but surely start to fall into place.

    It was a pleasure exchanging with you nonetheless.

    Have a nice night and stay safe.
    Its not the place to be debating this, as I said earlier I don't follow politics they all BS, they are just like a row of shopkeepers all in the same market the world leaders will be trying their hardest to be the most successful in that market, this is the world only a lot more complicated but driven by the same megalomania mentality, its when it is taken to the extreme and the cost is too great to bare as it threatens our very existence then something is really wrong.

    Everybody in a fight has their reasons for being in it, that's why democracy has public trials to find the truth within the reason, it is the reason that is right or wrong, Hitler, Idi Armin, Taliban, Hussain, Gadahfi, and Putin ,,,,, what is their reason for what they did and how relevant is their reason for the time, it is easy for us to get caught up in all hustling of the market place, every side has a story, but is the underlying cause and effect from their actions justified in the eyes of God, that's the big question that they all will face.

    I agree America was built on Genocide, I will take it further and say all Nations were built on Genocide, that's all throughout ancient history take over and ownership, did we learn anything, we are supposed to be a lot more civilized today than 1000s of years ago, which is root cause to half the problems of staying stuck in the cultural past when it does not apply in modern society of the times.

    Anyway I hope it doesn't spread outside of Ukraine its bad enough as it is, I feel so bad for those poor people.


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      I think he should. Canelo is an individual and shouldn't be held to the same standard as a governing body (I do believe that the alphabet bodies should outright refuse to sanction fights with Russian fighters) but at the same time he's a wealthy man and doesn't have to fight Bivol to get by. He's uniquely situated in boxing in that he has more numerous lucrative options than anyone else. Bivol is a Russian citizen, and I assume that he pays taxes to the Russian state. Paying him millions of dollars could indirectly finance Putin's war machine, and while he's almost certainly not super-rich like Canelo is, I doubt he's going to starve if he doesn't get this fight.

      It seems likely to me that this fight will fall through anyway, if they're going to stage the fight in the US there's a high chance it may fall under the umbrella of a recently implemented sanctions regime or one that may yet be implemented in the near future. But if Canelo made the choice off his own back to scrap this fight and go with another, just as valid option such as Charlo or Joe Smith, I would think more highly of him.

      Originally posted by Fists_of_Fury View Post
      Threads like this are made after a gender reassignment surgery, lack of testosterone and a heightened level of estrogen. The thread starter has turned into a pussy. Bivol didn't do anything wrong. You don't blame innocent people for the acts of others.
      And I don't think very highly of this waste of skin. People are being bombed and shot at by an invading army and you're crying like a woman because a sports match you want to watch might get called off. You don't have the right to call anyone else unmanly or cowardly.


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        Originally posted by Apollo7 View Post

        Would they need authority? Who gave Russia authority to invade Ukraine?

        Maybe that's why there was talk of Ukraine joining NATO. So they could defend against things like this. If they're asking for help, it doesn't seem right to just turn your back on them.
        Russia didn't need any permission, they declared war on Ukraine. It's different. NATO isn't at war right now and hasn't been - and can't be - mandated to restore peace between Russia and Ukraine. That would be the United Nations' role. NATO's intervention in this conflict would be nothing less than a declaration of war towards Russia, and no one wants that.

        Russia probably wouldn't have invaded Ukraine without these talks. Most western countries are already helping Ukraine by sending military equipment.


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          Originally posted by Scopedog View Post
          And I don't think very highly of this waste of skin. People are being bombed and shot at by an invading army and you're crying like a woman because a sports match you want to watch might get called off. You don't have the right to call anyone else unmanly or cowardly.
          You are a coward and a b!tch. You lack common sense and think like a fairy. Change your tampon, your feminine bleeding is flowing heavily. Only a b!tch thinks the way you do. Take your keystroke soldier ass over to the frontlines of Ukraine. You lack the balls for that though since you are a cowardly b!tch. Pull your skirt up, hoe.


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            Where do you cross the line? Are we going to start sanctioning russian business owners in the USA who have nothing to do with the war?
            Or should we stop russian-americans the right to work and make a living, because of their heritage? Because thats exactly what this is, you intend to stop Bivol from competing and making money, even though he's earned that right.

            It's dumb and contradicts with the very freedom you're trying to promote. Its almost as ridiculous as blaming chinese-americans for starting covid-19.
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              Originally posted by Shadoww702 View Post
              That would be stupid. Don't blame innocents for their leaders being ass holes
              Carps locos forever..
              Canelo an Irish red head

              i thing he stops Bivol with a body shot


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                No title no fight. It wasn't like he and Bivol were in a collision course. It is unfair what they have done to Bivol. Shocked that the WBA won't take the sanctioning fee from that fight.


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                  "playing Russian anathem and waving their flag would legitimize Russia as a country"

                  um russia is a legitimate country so I dont see the problem. Are they an imaginary country? Ukraine has been part of russia for the majority of the last several hundred years and has only been a sovereign nation for the last 30. It is not surprising in the least that at some point in the future they would be part of Russia again.

                  Bivol doesnt set russian government policy, he is just a boxer and as I boxing fan I want to see him and canelo fight.

                  The war in ukraine is for the political leaders to solve and they have decided to not intervene and allow the occupation. How is any of that's Bivol's fault. Would it make any change in the war? Is Putin going to say "gee guys I was okay with missing the world cup but Bivol-Canelo was the last straw, ok I will pull out of Ukraine so he can fight"
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                    Originally posted by Zaroku View Post

                    Carps locos forever..
                    Canelo an Irish red head

                    i thing he stops Bivol with a body shot
                    I concur...Gingers have no soul. Or they wouldn't be gingers


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                      Originally posted by Shadoww702 View Post

                      I concur...Gingers have no soul. Or they wouldn't be gingers
                      They scare me more then In Mexican folklore, La Llorona(American Spanish: [la ʝoˈɾona]; "The Weeping Woman" or "The Wailer") is a vengeful ghost