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Wow! Coppinger reveals Canelo and Bivol had agreed to terms for a 172lb Caneloweight title fight for Sept last year! But Nelo backed out and fought the weakest champ at 168 in Plant instead.

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    Um, he was fighting for the undisputed championship. That was a no-brainer. Bivol will always be there. Hopefully they can make the fight this year.


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      Originally posted by Boxing fan1981 View Post

      Yes moron, that’s exactly what I’m referring to. Canelo didn’t put the catchweight in place. Floyd refused to fight at 154 so they had to negotiate the weight.

      You command no respect. You can cry and request it, but you’re still going to end up with my sausage all up in your mouth. Too bad for you.
      No, I said Canelo put the catchweight in with BIVOL you dumbass.

      You should change your name to Canelo fan. You're not a boxing fan puto.


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        Originally posted by BigDramaShow! View Post

        Sources: Canelo Alvarez and Dmitry Bivol agreed to a 172-pound catchweight for a 175-title fight that would have taken place on Sept. 18. With Canelo moving on to November, it’s unclear when - and against whom - Alvarez will fight.
        Does Bi have a significant W ?


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          Why doesn't GGG ever fight the guys Nelo ''ducked'' ?


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            Imagine if Canelo pushed through to this BS Caneloweight clause and got schooled by Bivol.


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              Who did GGG fight at that time ?

              Prime GGG was battling the likes of Simon, Ouma and Ishida.


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                Originally posted by BodyBagz View Post

                Does Bi have a significant W ?
                nope!!! just another bum!!!!


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                  Originally posted by TernceBudCharlo View Post

                  nope!!! just another bum!!!!
                  Allow me to use a line GGG fans lover so much.....

                  ''Everyone ducked him.''