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Comments Thread For: Robson Conceicao: Oscar Valdez Should've Been Banned For At Least One Year From The Sport

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    Originally posted by tophat1 View Post

    That's a fair point
    That just makes all three of them Oscar Valdez, WBC, and TR, not only wrong but dirty dealing dogs.
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      Originally posted by hitmanjosh View Post

      You are so off base it’s not funny and it’s obvious you have never competed at s(hit)! I say ban any MF’er willing to take a chance at permanent hurt or death to another human, that bull to talking is straight garbage forsho! What an ass………
      I competed at amateur boxing, wrestling, football, basketball and baseball. No college, not close to pro. You say “ban” anyone willing to risk killing another human. All boxers risk that, If they throw a punch they risk killing another. So should we ban all boxing Karen? Muhammad Ali took thyroid meds that were performance enhancing , Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson both used similar chemicals to Valdez. Floyd Mayweather also should have been banned for life according to you. For what you may ask? He used water, yes water, which was also banned by Vada just like Valdez’s “tea” was lol The doctors Floyd employed got him out of trouble. Some people want to ban boxers for life for using water, not me. Guess that makes me way off base, it’s cool with me


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        As soon as I read that its a substance banned by the Voluntary Anti Doping Association, which is a private business that has no authority, I stopped reading. This article is straight up click bait.


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          Originally posted by Boricua181 View Post
          If it's not a fair fight, then the cheater has the advantage, and in the worst case scenario it's a tragedy waiting to happen.
          Exactly that! Thanks.
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            To Beast: Water is not a banned substance. You can look at the entire banned substance list here.



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              No one has assassinated Sulaiman yet?


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                Originally posted by tokon View Post

                Exactly that! Thanks.
                You're welcome brother we have to protect the fighters, they're already in the most unforgiving sport of all, we can't allow any participant to turn it into a criminal offense.


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                  There’s no question that Canelo has juiced and has done many many cycles.


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                    Originally posted by Bro. Steve View Post
                    I work in an industry that requires drug testing. One bust, you’re unemployable in this industry for 5 years. Second bust, banned for life.

                    Boxing should do likewise. We all see fighters whose spectacular muscle development is found nowhere in nature except in juiced humans. Boxing is already a seriously hurtin’ sport. A guy who comes to the ring with a crazy enhanced musculature is more than just a cheater. In combat sports, he can also be a killer. Those in charge of the sport need to be cracking down on drug cheats with this in mind.

                    One of the results of PEDs can be enlarging and thickening of the skull. When baseball cheater Barry Bonds was juicing, his hat size famously grew by several numbers. In boxing, juicers can end up with these big, square, cinder block heads that make them very difficult to deal with using non-enhanced punching power.

                    The richest and by far the most famous drug cheater in our time is Canelo Alvarez. Whenever I see this guy fight, I am always looking at his T-rex sized head wondering if it really grew that way on its own. After his drug bust and embarrassingly lame excuse about the Mexican meat, I will never look upon this man as a true champion. I will always think of him as the Lance Armstrong of boxing -- a man who could have been the best on his own, and trashed it all because he cared more about money and cheap victory than the true glory that comes through the pain and sweat of honest achievement.
                    Do you do the same with Tyson Fury? Roy Jones? Saunders? Gamboa? Luis Ortiz? Jarell Miller? Dillian Whyte?

                    The list is long. Doubt you’ve ever said shiiit about any of them in regards to PEDs.

                    I have a feeling you probably don’t keep the same energy.


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                      Originally posted by peplz View Post
                      As soon as I read that its a substance banned by the Voluntary Anti Doping Association, which is a private business that has no authority, I stopped reading. This article is straight up click bait.
                      The testing was done for the WBC Clean Boxing Program, which is in partnership with VADA.

                      VADA absolutely should have authority in that situation.