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Comments Thread For: Woodley Slams Critics: Jake Paul Would Literally F--- A lot of Y'all Up!

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  • Comments Thread For: Woodley Slams Critics: Jake Paul Would Literally F--- A lot of Y'all Up!

    Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley fired back at the critics of his back to back fights with social media star Jake Paul. Last August, Woodley lost an eight round split decision to Paul, who was taking part in his fourth pro boxing match.
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    Woodley took his loss like a true champ. But if only he wasn’t in ben askren corner he would not have got caught up the circus and got slept like that.

    it’s like when Ben got knocked out it’s like uh oh his big brother woodley is going to go in there and knock him out and avenge little bro but instead big bro got KOed even worst than lil bro lol.
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      Well, he's not wrong if he's talking to the MMA world.

      Not that they're bad fighters per se, they're just not good boxers. Jake Paul isn't a good boxer either, but he's also got a lot less to lose.


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        Jake owns this fool's soul.
        Got him believing shlt that ain't real.


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          Tyrone Paul is a LEGEND. Nothing to be ashamed of getting slept by JP”s atomic right hand half the “real” boxers wouldn’t last 3 rounds. Gary Russel jr would’ve got destroyed by JP tonite and magasayo won but imagine what JP would do to him


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            You sold your soul to a YouTuber you f***ing bum. What do you expect?


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              Losing was embarrassing but he let the YouTube kid play him into getting a tattoo he NEVER should have gotten (who cares about a bet??) now he out here ridin' for his conqueror...when Topaz G whooped my @ss in 9th grade for talkin to his girl Penny, I stayed in the house for a week, then fronted like it never happened - then started talkin to Penny again on the low. Lesson: any man can get his @ss beat but no one steals the mental. T-Wood lost but d@mn...he needs to stop playin himself like this...


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                The kid's popular, Ty. That's the risk you take when you go out there and put it all on the line. Probably shouldn't have had a contest going about who could make fun of you the best. Sorry. Just a lot of mistakes on your part..


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                  I don’t get a
                  lot of the Paul hate. Kids entertaining, fighting at his level, making money, bringing eyes into the sport, what’s the problem?
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                    Jake is in a great position to make loads & loads of big money. He might be ready to give a lot of pro boxers all that they can handle, but of course naysayers will always see it “no way!” Jake now creates that emotional fan friendly juxtaposition that’ll keep his pockets obese fat.

                    Woodley just needs to ignore the jokes. 99% of those clowns would never get in the ring (to actually try and win) with a guy that has the luxury and dedication to train all day every day - with the opportunity of utilizing any pro-trainer on the planet.

                    Why wouldn’t a c-ocky athletic, young, crafty YouTuber NOT be able to understand pro-boxing with its ins and outs?!? A very experienced guy can kick his ass, but he can literally buy time until he’s ready to test himself against a hospital visit.

                    Jakes money could’ve gotten Emmanuel Steward if he was alive today.…Emmanuel would’ve gladly taken on the project, and not just for the money…..This YouTubing thing is the real deal, it can help turn you into a millionaire just by showcasing your pet frog, or bahtty boy make up tips….or anything bored individuals finally feel the need to be interested in….