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Comments Thread For: Leo Santa Cruz: I'm Willing To Fight Gary Russell; Maybe He Wants To Get Paid Too Much

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    They are both garbage. Russell thinks he deserves way more than he does and Leo doesn't really want it.


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      Originally posted by Shadoww702 View Post

      Yeah that my thoughts also.

      Gary has been a HUGE disappointment. Outside of Loma he hasn't fought jack sht!

      Leo at least fought Mares, Frampton, TANK!

      Rig. fought Loma, Donaire, But good GOD he makes some TERRIBLE fights that put you to sleep!!! I can't root for the dude anymore.

      At least Leo and Gary ain't losing to dudes like John Casimero!!

      At least GRJ & Rigo did fight Loma! LSC and Tank did not!

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        Originally posted by Bronx2245 View Post
        At least GRJ & Rigo did fight Loma! LSC and Tank did not!
        This is tru


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          Originally posted by Shadoww702 View Post

          This is tru
          IDK about you, but I think LSC coming from 153 to 126 is not a good look, even with one fight at 130 in the interim! I think he should stay @ 130!


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            Originally posted by Shadoww702 View Post

            How do you duck someone who only fights once a year???

            No one ducks Rig. Unless you want to be in a BORING fight and BOO'd.

            Do you even WATCH boxing???
            What???? Everyone knows the entire division ducked Rigo at the time. "He boring" is one of the most blatant excuses to duck a superior boxer.

            Promoters the only ones who have the excuse of saying that.

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              Superior??? He just lost to a BUM.


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                Who gives a F about Santa Clown? He's got no honor, just like what Gary Russell Jr said.
                Like some poster said, he used to be big on ideals. Called out big names when he was starting out.
                Haymon actually tried to build him up as the next Pacquiao, fed him sparring partners and long list of nobodies.
                LSC soon realized, "So this is how it is being a PBC fighter. I see." I get protected, taken cared of,
                get side money for staying loyal, etc. In short, sense of entitlement crept into his brain, probably thought
                he's uncle Al's nephew. Even named his kid Al, don't know if that's true.


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                  Getting tired of hearing and reading all the same damn bs from these fighters . fighters fight opponents they know they can beat then they step up and get there blocks knocked off . so don't even mention high profile bouts cause I know they ain't about it . maximize profit minimize risk . that's the new motto now .


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                    all grj wants for xmas is Santa


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                      Originally posted by hitmanjosh View Post

                      It’s all good! You have your opinion and I have mine, those people in California with the flash and cash not fighters and don’t have the history we have when it comes to prosperity failure. I only use that term because they had prospered but for some unknown reasons according to you they seem to fail in life most often. I can give more examples of Donald Curry’s, Aaron Pryor’s, Leon my main man Spinx, just to name a few of those who financially were well off but lost it all due to not being black, that’s just who they are but young and stupid with bad decision making skill sets; so the next time you try and come for me bring some knowledge, because being from Detroit, Chicago and LA I have seen and heard it all partner.
                      Whoa Bro....I sincerely apologize Mr Hitman I completely misinterpreted that one. I see what you mean. I'm a big fan of the NBA and I've seen 1000x's players whu sign 100 million dollar contracts and ten years later they are broke and working at Wal-mart, because they were young and stupid with bad decisions. Sorry it was early this morning when I posted that and I still had some residual Jack Daniels and Remy Martin VSOP floating around in my eyeballs. MY BAD!!