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Comments Thread For: Bradley: Spence Running Away From Crawford, I'm Worried About His Eye in Ugas Fight

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    Timothy "buffet" Bradley has cte from the asswhooping prov gave him as well as countless others.

    Dude wakes up in cold sweats thinking of the asswhooping Spence would've gave him.( He also wakes up with pork chops in his mouf from time to time, unaware how they got there)

    Lucky for him,his fat wife brings him some more macaroni salad,& calms him back to sleep.
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      If spence beats Ugas, Spence becomes no1 WW.


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        Originally posted by hugh grant View Post
        If spence beats Ugas, Spence becomes no1 WW.
        IF? Hes clearly already#1 ww
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          Originally posted by kushking View Post

          IF? Hes clearly already#1 ww
          Yes id agree, but to all of those in doubt, id say this win seals deal. You should become no1 for what you do, but of course if Bud beats Spence, bud will be ahead of Spence.
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            Originally posted by Curtis2 View Post
            Bud P4P #1…. It’s not about dollars with Spence to face Bud.. it’s all about fear for Spence
            It is about dollars. Crawford thinks hes worth more than his actual numbers suggest.

            That's always been the problem with making this fight.
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              Bradley: Spence Running Away From Crawford

              That's the general perception. You can't change it no matter what and how you say it otherwise.


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                Originally posted by MPA2000 View Post

                Why are you bringing up those names. This isn't about going down memory lane comparing eras. LMAO!
                He is a former boxer turned boxing analyst. Those are his peers. SRL commentates for Dazn, Roy Jones Jr. still commentates for espn. Foreman did not long ago


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                  Originally posted by MPA2000 View Post

                  Crawford was not right. Haven't you been paying attention? Arum wouldn't finance the fight. He said he loses money on Crawford and has said many times in his face that the fight was not going to happen.

                  Did you just learn about Crawford when he beat Porter? HA! HA! HA!
                  Crawford is on video confronting Spence years ago and even most recently when he was in the ocean talkin bout wheres the big fish at (since Spence called himself that) you talkin bout?!?! Errol is on RECORD and on VIDEO making excuses since 2017.

                  And fcuk Arum but why did he need to finance the fight? Why couldnt they do a joint venture or why didnt Al put up the money (when pbc was flooded with it)?
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                    I think the general consensus is that Spence is running from Crawford. The Spence fans and the PBC fans don't like it but that's just the way it is.

                    If Spence gets past Ugas then all he needs to do is call out Crawford next but I'm not sure ppl are confident that is going to happen and hearing the utter BS coming out of Tim Smiths mouth about it happening at all it doesn't bode well.
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                      Originally posted by Boxing Beast View Post

                      Comparatively. No he sucked. Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr. and George Foreman are his contemporaries in announcing.
                      well if that’s your standard, there might only be 3 guys still alive that could meet that mark. You failed to mention Robert Guerrero, Paulie and Raul Marquez who are all less than what Bradley was as a boxer.