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Comments Thread For: Fury-Whyte: Purse Bid Once Again Delayed Ahead of WBC Heavyweight Championship Fight

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    Originally posted by QballLobo View Post
    Whyte’s mad about the split because he knows he’ll lose.

    I don't know you, but I think we've got to the point where a view like this needs to be called out.

    Fighters try to get the best deal. They don't only try for a good deal "when they know they'll lose". Fury petitioned for a greater split than standard - was that because he "knew he'd lose"? No, it was because he thought he had a case.

    And what fighter ever went into a fight "knowing they would lose"?

    Opinions are fine, but some can't be defended and are just patently incorrect. It shows a complete lack of understanding of business, boxing, fighter mentality, and any kind of common sense. Sadly, you're not the only one saying it on here.

    Can we all agree to end the "he wants more because he knows he'll lose" statements? Surely everyone realises it's nonsense?


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      This aint even considered an A tier fight, its like a solid consolation prize fight while we wait for Fury vs the winner of AJ/Usyk, and we STILL have to deal with this much political nonsense for it to get made, if it even happens at all. Boxing eh.